How To Look After Your Winter Garden

Just because the temperature has dropped and the nights are getting darker, it does not mean that you cannot still be out in your garden this winter.

You have many different areas that you can put your focus and attention into, from tending to your plants, to fixing up your garden. It’s the perfect time to spend some time out in the fresh air.

Plant Care

The main place to start is with what’s growing in your garden.

Plant bulbs ahead of the spring

Many bulbs will need planting around this time of year, double check what you are planting though to make sure you can give it the best possible care and chance to grow.

Trim back any hedges or bushes

This is the perfect time to cut back and trim anything that has overgrown or is in the way. Your rose bushes can finally be tamed after a glorious summer of sun. You may also have some winter flowers to tend to.

Move plants

If you have been wanting to move a plant to another spot in your garden, now is your time. With weeds barely making an appearance, the dirt will be perfect to disturb and break down. Just be careful of the plant’s roots.

Propagate plants from existing ones

The summer slips away from us very quickly, so if you didn’t get round to dividing up baby plants from your existing ones now is your time. This is a fantastic way to get more from what’s already there, saving you some money and being eco-friendly.

Grow some vegetables

The colder months are perfect to start growing some winter vegetables. You will need to take into consideration what environment you offer for growing and how best you can accommodate. Check out our blog ‘How to grow your own vegetables’.

Preparing the Garden

With the typical winter weather in full swing, you could start to look at planning ahead for the spring and getting your garden in order.

Plan for spring

Map out your garden and decide if you want anything to change in terms of layout, as well as what you want to be in bloom next spring/ summer. You can get an idea of when it needs to be planted and then mark it in your diary.

Garden diary

Speaking of diaries, creating one for your garden is the best way to stay organised with your garden. This doesn’t need to be anything super fancy, just a way to keep track of your outdoors space.

Fix up your garden

You may have a broken fence panel or some garden furniture that needs some TLC. With the garden mainly out of use to sit and relax in, spend some time fixing up the areas that require a bit of attention.

Maintain your compost Bin

Did you know composting is amazing for creating rich soil amendments for the garden? Keep it maintained over the winter to ensure it doesn’t get left behind.

Add somewhere to relax

One way to ensure you get maximum use out of your garden is to add somewhere you can relax in. Something like a log cabin or a garden shelter could be the perfect addition.


Whilst wildlife is minimal during the winter with many hibernating, you can still provide some care to those that are up and awake.

Create animal shelters

Bug hotels, hedgehog huts, bird boxes and butterfly homes can easily be created with miscellaneous items in your garden. Some online research will help you if you are struggling for some inspiration on creating something.

Fuelling hibernation

Lay out some nibbles for animals that may be late to hibernate, or for those that do not hibernate at all (did you know badgers do not hibernate?).

Take caution in the garden

Before you decide to have bonfires or move piles of leaves, sticks and other debris, check to see if you are disturbing any sleeping animals. It’s the perfect place for them to hideaway and rest.

As you can see there are multiple ways to still be out in your garden enjoying the fresh crisp air. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done!

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