How to make your own garden wreath

Winter is upon us and as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, what better way is there to cheer up your home and garden with some DIY wreaths! Putting up Christmas decorations is one of the best ways to start getting into the festive spirit, and making your own wreaths is a great way to involve all the family in helping, as well as being affordable and sustainable!

A good place to start is with:

  • Wire wreath frame
  • Scissors (Floristry scissors or secateurs)
  • Decorations of your choice
  • Ribbon to hang your wreath

With the help of the tips below, you won’t have any problem at all making your own to add to any door in your house as it involves very little in the way of resources. Add a little more excitement to the process by going hunting for things in your own garden; you’ll be astonished at how much you can find. Let’s get going!

Firstly, start with a wreath wire that can be found at a local retailer or craft shop. From there the decoration opportunities are personal and limitless. You could make a festive wreath with decorations filled with colourful plants from your own garden or plants and leaves you find in a local park or garden centre.

Next, create a good base layer and it is best to work out what sort of look you want your wreath to have. Below are some images to help get your creativity flowing!

How to make your own garden wreath

Image credits: Gardeners World

How to create a garden wreath:

Gather your greenery. If you’re fortunate, your garden may have the appropriate seasonal plants. If you choose, you might get them from a garden centre, local park, or retailer. Make sure you have both short and lengthy pieces in fascinating colours and textures!

Arrange your rings for building wreaths. If you’re building numerous wreaths, arrange them and the material you’ll be using for each one adjacent to one another. Furthermore, make sure that there is enough for all!

If your wreath ring doesn’t have many “gaps” for your greenery to fit into, twist your florist wire securely around it. You may start at any position on your wreath and loop it around again to cover the whole circumference. Repeat this a few times, and then cut your wire.

Begin to add some foliage here. Another key point, is the base of the branches and twigs should be tucked into an appropriate space using the longer sections first. Then, place the entire length of foliage on top of the wreath, ensuring sure it follows the curvature.

Florist’s wire should be used sparingly to attach each element to the ring. To hold the wreath securely together, keep it flat as you continue.

By comparison, when you run out of larger pieces, start over with smaller pieces and vibrant accents like sprigs with berries.

Top Tip: Purposefully glue smaller parts if they won’t stay or appear too loose.

Clean up any loose endpoints. With your shears, tidy any wild ends. Check foliage fragments lightly as you go along to ensure they won’t fall off easily.

Personalise! You may include lovely holiday touches like glitter, miniature bells, colourful ornaments, and charming ribbons.

Lastly, attach a wreath hook on your door and hang your wreath there. Self-adhesive, extremely powerful all-purpose hooks are simple to find.

Now you have your garden wreaths up, you can sit back, enjoy the festivities, and admire your handiwork!

If you are looking for some Christmas garden inspiration than have a look at our wonderful customer images below:

DaftBadger log cabin decorated for the festive period

Fairy lights on a lovely DaftBadger Log Cabin


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