The Queens Jubilee How To Prepare For A Garden Party


Since the weather is improving, it is the perfect opportunity to give your garden a makeover before the summer.

To celebrate the makeover and The Queen’s Jubilee, plan a garden party! Get family and friends round to have a memorable party, doing something together to rekindle the time we have all lost out on from the two previous summers.

Prepare your garden

A gazebo and garden bar are fabulous places to have in the garden to entertain this summer. The best way to prepare for a garden party is to think of whereabouts in the garden do you wish to entertain. With that in mind, a gazebo and a garden bar both give a clear party space on a solid foundation.

Gazebos and pergolas are fabulous for providing shade during really hot hours in the summer – or even rainproof ready if it starts to drizzle!

Our Leviathan Chunky Corner Gazebo is perfect for creating the ideal comfy seating area ready for hosting garden parties, al fresco dining and BBQ’s. It is super easy to decorate with fairy lights to have some warm lighting when the night is getting darker. Perfect to keep the party going till all hours!

Our range of pub sheds and garden bars are a great investment when looking to entertain with log bars included.

The Severn Pub Shed Log Cabin is an addition to the garden that allows you to entertain whatever the weather. No matter rain or shine, the Severn Pub Shed stands proud at the bottom of any garden. Don’t even worry about pesky bugs when you’re having your garden party as our flyscreens, as shown on our optional extras, can be purchased to keep the bugs off the guest list!

Up the fun factor with a dedicated play area, with a climbing frame. Having a children’s entertainment zone will allow them to explore and play in the safety of the garden. This also allows the adults to relax while being able to keep a watchful eye on the little ones while they play.  For safety, it is best to place the climbing frame a safe distance away from any outdoor cooking areas as well as any other hazards that may occur.

Garden Party Decorations

There are some great ways to create an instant party vibe with decking your garden out with bunting, balloons, paper pom poms and essentially some outdoor lighting. Bring coloured decorations can complement the flowers arranged in your garden.


Flowers are always pretty in the garden, for the best results when planning a flower garden would be to research where the sun shines into your garden. North facing and South facing gardens will not be suitable for the same variations of flowers. It could be a great idea to plant herbs like mint in your garden for an extra garnish in the bottomless drinks this summer!


No last orders ever when the bar is in your garden!!

No garden party is ready without drinks in the chiller! Here are a few cocktails and mocktail recipes that would go down a treat for that summer time drinking. These are all perfect for being mixed in advanced if you are catering to a large group and don’t wish to be the designated mixologist all day.

Drink 1: Boozy Peach Iced Tea

Put the 5 peach teabags in a large jug and pour over the 1.3 litres of lemonade and 200ml of peach schnapps. Add the handful of mint, 3 slices of peaches and 1 lime cut into wedges.

Stir well, leave to infuse for 10 minutes, then scoop out the tea bags and discard.

Add 2 large handfuls of ice cubes to the jug, then serve.

Drink 2: Aperol Spritz

Chill the bottle of 750ml Prosecco and Aperol in the fridge. Fill 6 or 8 wine glasses or tall tumblers with a couple of ice cubes and roughly three parts prosecco to one part Aperol. Add a splash of soda water and a slice of orange. Serve straightaway so that the fizz stays lively.

Drink 3: Tornado Twist Mocktail

In a pitcher, mix a bottle of cranberry and a bottle of raspberry juice with a bottle of lemonade. Pour over ice and serve.

A great idea when making cocktails and mocktails are incorporating fruit, vegetables and herbs that are home grown from your garden.

Preparation of a garden party should be exciting much like the end result. To ensure the best out of your garden, focus on how you can bring out its full potential. If you’re unsure where to begin, our range of garden products are a great place to start!


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