How To Throw A Halloween Party

Are you hosting a Halloween party or perhaps thinking about throwing one? We think it’s a wonderful idea especially with the darker evenings in full swing.

We have prepared a little guide to make sure you tick everything off the list and throw the best Halloween party in town!

Step One: Pick your theme

First up on the list should be finalising the theme of your party. Once this has been sorted, you can then let your guests know. This could come down to a number of different factors:

. Who will be attending your party?

. What time will your party start?

. Where will you party be held?

You would ideally go for a family friendly theme, say like TV Show Families, if children would be attending this party. If it’s a party strictly for adults only you could get super fun, iconic couples are always a fun theme!
Finding inspiration for a theme can easily be found online with Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok available.

Step Two: Pick your costume

Secondly, once you know what the theme of your party will be you can then decide on your costume!

If you have the budget to get a brand-new costume, there are plenty out there on the high street or in fancy dress shops. However, if you are wanting to spend as little as possible, places like charity shops, Facebook marketplace, Depop and Vinted will be your best friend. It might also be worth asking family and friends to see if they can help you out.

Remember to dress sensibly to your surroundings, if you’re outside the temperature drops very quickly once the sun disappears so you will want some form of warmth to your outfit.

Step Three: Pick your location

Next up is choosing your location, you have a whole variety of options ranging from something within the family home to hiring out a hall. It all depends on the lengths you wish to go for and the number of people you want to invite.

Something like a Log Cabin would be an ideal space to have a party whilst at home. Being tucked away in your garden is perfect to be able to make as much noise as you like, and it’s fantastic for decorating. Alternatively, if you do not have a Log Cabin then your house will be good to use too!

Step Four: Pick your decorations

Lastly, with your theme, costume and location ticked off the list, next is deciding what decorations you want to go for. There are loads out there in the shops for you to buy, ranging from super spooky or just some fun wholesome décor. It’s always best to write a list of what you want to get to avoid buying things you do not need.

If you have a particular theme, Etsy will be your best bet to pick up some decorations. Much like finding your costume, charity shops may also provide you with some good finds.
Can you do a bit of DIY and make some of the decorations with what you already have? Maybe you have an old mirror that you can graffiti with fake blood, or a lamp you can roughen up with some sandpaper?

Your party should be ready to go, just make sure everyone you want to be there has been made aware and let them know if they need to bring anything with them.

Halloween Themed Drinks
Additionally, check out some recipes we found online that we want to share:

Toffee Apple Sour Cocktail: (Toffee apple sour cocktail recipe | BBC Good Food)

40ml Somerset Brandy
20ml Lemon Juice
20ml Egg White
10ml Toffee Syrup
About 40-50ml cider to top up the drink
Zombie Cocktail (Zombie Cocktail Recipe | BBC Good Food)

. 25ml Dark Rum
. 35ml White Rum
. 50ml Lime Juice
. 150ml Pineapple Juice
. Ice
. 1 Tsp of Grenadine
. Garnishing: wedge of orange, cherries and a sprig of mint
Halloween Mocktail Punch: (Eyeball & hand fruit punch recipe | BBC Good Food)

. 425g Canned Lychees
. 225g Jar of Cocktail Cherries
. 15 Raisins
. Carton of blueberry, blackberry or purple grape juice (chilled) 1L
. Carton of Cherry or Cranberry juice (chilled) 1L
. Sparkling Water (chilled) 1L


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