Imaginative Play Systems

Our play systems are guaranteed to encourage children to run away with their imagination taking them far away from television and computer screens. With the children outside inspired into new adventures, you are free to relax and enjoy yourself!

A new wooden climbing frame or playhouse will bring the fun factor into your garden, and your child’s playtime. There will be no more queues in the park, as the playground will be in your own back garden. Designed for adventurers and explorers from 3-years-old, each play system is unique.

The range allows children to hide out from the evil witch living in the forest in a house made of cake and confectionery in Hansel and Gretel’s fairy tale. You can even pretend you are a princess, lost in a deep forest, or high up in your castle tower. Or go out in a great adventure as Indiana Jones and discover some hidden treasures and secret passageways. You can keep a watch out for enemy invaders from your fortress, or swing through the jungle. The only limit to your child’s adventures is their imagination.

Packed full of fun features, including swings, slides, monkey bars, climbing walls, and towers, our range of climbing frames is sure to delight. The imaginative play ideas are endless!


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