What changes increase property value most dramatically


Most homeowners want to increase property value, whether it be to sell on or to make it the best it can be for themselves to live in. If you’ve been wondering how you can dramatically increase your house value, we have outlined some of the most effective ways to inspire you!

Renovate the bathroom

A new and modern bathroom can increase property value by 5-10%, especially if it wasn’t in the best condition before the renovation. There are lots of different styles that you can use for inspiration when you update your bathroom, but the most important one is size. Bigger bathrooms are more popular than ever before and will not only help to boost your value but will also increase interest from potential buyers when you come to sell.

Wherever possible, bathrooms should have both a shower and a bath on offer, as most people will have a preference, and by having both, you reduce the risk of putting someone off. If your bathroom isn’t big enough to have both separately, a shower over the bath is still a perfectly viable option that will keep everyone happy – a perfect improvement for homeowners who have been asking, “how can I sell my house fast?”.

Convert loft space into another bedroom

If you build an extra bedroom in your home, it can add as much as 20% to your value, which is a huge amount that most homeowners would love to see. Some homeowners choose to extend their house to add another room, but for those with attic or loft space, building upwards is a helpful option that can be more suitable.

When converting a loft or an attic into a bedroom, you will need to make sure that you are completely aware of all of the regulations you’ll need to adhere to, to avoid spending a huge amount of money and then finding that the room is unusable, and your value hasn’t changed. Do your research before you start, and you’ll be able to ensure that the work you do pays off and boosts your value accordingly.

Think energy efficient

Energy-efficient home improvements are higher in demand than ever, with a lot of home buyers conscious of their carbon footprint and how they can reduce it. You can see what your house will benefit from most and choose what will work best – some homeowners decide to install solar panels, whereas some prefer more subtle changes.

Arguably one of the best home improvements that you can make to be more energy-efficient is to insulate your home by installing double-glazed windows, draught-proof doors, and wall insulation to keep heat in. This is a really great option for older homes that tend to be a bit cold and not hold heat too well, as it will trap heat inside and mean you have the heating on less – saving the bills in the winter as well! Your house value can increase by up to 10% with these changes and will make it much more popular with buyers, especially if you currently only have single-glazed windows.

Add an en-suite

En-suites always have and will always be a desirable addition to a home, offering an extra level of privacy as well as appealing to those who want more bathrooms. An en-suite can add around 5% to your property value and is often a necessity for buyers when they view it.

You can add an en-suite in a few different ways, so you’ll need to see what works best in your home, but the most common way is to take the largest bedroom and develop one there, so you’re not losing too much space elsewhere. It doesn’t need to be a huge bathroom as long as it offers the necessities and is decorated to a high standard.

Fix any structural issues

If your home suffers from any structural issues, this can be catastrophic to your property value, so resolving them will make a massive difference. The biggest issues are subsidence, dampness, and Japanese knotweed, which can decrease your value by as much as 25% in extreme cases – a drop that no homeowner wants to see.

While this kind of damage isn’t cheap to resolve, it’s an investment that will help to increase your value when you sell, and in some cases, mean that you can sell – some homes that are suffering from the more extensive damage can be deemed unmortgageable which will mean you need to rely on a cash buyer to achieve your sale. This makes it even harder to sell, so if your house has got structural problems, resolving them will help you down the line when you’re ready to sell.

Update the garden

Garden space is a necessity for millions of buyers, so if you’ve got an outside area that you’re not making the most of, now is the time to! With a well-sized, attractive garden adding up to 5% onto your property value, with some minimal changes and a bit of hard work you can increase your house price and generate more interest.

No matter what space you’ve got, you can use it to make your house more desirable and make your own time there better too before you sell on. Garden structures are popular for housing seating areas and a BBQ setup, whereas grassy gardens are ideal for families with kids that want to play and enjoy the sun in the warmer months.

There are plenty of ways that homeowners can increase their property value, so you can assess what update will benefit your house the most and see the effects it has!


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