Is a Pergola your gardens biggest asset


When you first think about a garden structure that isn’t a Log Cabin, but helps put the finishing touch to your carefully designed outdoor space, your mind automatically goes to Gazebo instead of garden Pergola. While we completely understand this (our Gazebos are stunning), we think you should at least consider the possibility of adding a wooden Pergola to your garden instead.

Pergolas require very little maintenance once built and add a stunning focal point to your garden with their intricate structure. They offer a more modern look to your garden, ideal for a seating area near a pond or creating a peaceful oasis in your back garden.

We are not sparing with our Spruce, manufacturing extra thick posts and pre notched rafters, creating increased durability for your structure. Despite this, your structure still retains its elegant finish.

A pergola provides partial shade, rather than direct shade like a Gazebo. The shade created by the thick notched beams that run along the top of your pergola. On top of the beams, lying perpendicular, are cross beams. These cross beams help create a growing lattice which are perfect for climbing plants, hanging flowers, vines or adding lights for a beautiful cosy effect in the evening.

John Page added lights to his pergola for cosy evenings with friends

The majority of our Gazebos are freestanding, weighted down by the sheer weight of the dense slow grown Spruce. By being freestanding you can choose where to place your Pergola. This allows you to place it wherever you like within your garden.

You might choose to build your pergola kit on an existing patio or decking. However your gardens are designed, our kits make it simple as they come with all the timber and fixings when it is delivered. As the customer image below shows, the addition of a pergola can further enhance your garden.

Add a fireplace under your Pergola for cosy nights in the garden

Our Leviathan Pergolas come with L brackets. These attach to the feet of your pergola and help attach it to the ground.

Our range of Pergolas make it that much harder to make a choice, because they all look amazing. Our range gives you the option to choose between a typical open Pergola, or opt for one of our modified structures. We have a large variety of structures that differ from typical pergola you find on the market today. You can opt for 4mm toughened glass and additional wooden panels, all  available in varying combinations.

Our new Pergola arrange allows for variationAdd a solid back wall to your Pergola for privacy from the neighbours and a shield from the wind

By opting for a Pergola with walls, you can house your garden furniture, BBQ or dining area without facing the wind, chill or noisy neighbours. It gives you privacy without having to be entirely enclosed, you can reap the benefits of fresh air without sacrificing your privacy. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Whichever of our fantastic Pergola range you choose, all the timber contained within your garden structure is pressure treated. This treatment process means your garden structure will not only look amazing but is also incredibly low maintenance. In fact, we offer a 10 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay. We only ask that you add a water treatment once a year.

Despite the tall walkthrough height of all our Pergolas, we have made them all under 2.5m tall. This means you will not need to go through the hassle of applying for planning permission to place it within 2m of a boundary such as a fence or wall. It allows you complete freedom over where you put your Pergola. Our smaller Jasmine Pergola is a simple way to extend a gravel path, making your garden look larger. Meanwhile, our larger Pergola looks breathtaking above your patio.

Wooden Garden Pergola

You can view our entire Pergola range, including FAQs and all the fantastic features of each product, on our website. We have attached customer photos where possible so you can see how they look in our customers’ gardens.

Alternatively, call us on 01234 272 445 to discuss any queries you may have with our friendly sales team. We love to see how you use our Garden Structures. Make sure you share pictures of your finished Pergola with us at [email protected]. We can not wait to see what you do with it!


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