Lending a helping hand

We have worked hard for the last 25 years to become the successful company that we are. However, we appreciate that not everyone is as lucky. There are countries that do not have access to the simple things that we often take for granted. Such as clean water and sanitation. Since 1994 we pushed forward and tried to find solutions to these problems. Thus, our Humanitarian Range was born.

Humanitarian Products

Dunster House creator and director, Christopher Murphy, has worked hard. He intends to continue working hard on generating new solutions to help tackle the sanitation crisis.

“Our mission is to help resolve as many solution issues as possible. That’s why we keep expanding our range. To suit different needs and requirements.”

Distressed by the knowledge that over 2.5 billion people, which equates to 36 percent of the world’s population, have no access to adequate sanitation. Also, 2.2 million people die every year due to illness and diseases caused by sanitation problems. Five percent of these being children under 5. We have recently become involved with the international humanitarian organisation Oxfam. So, we have started launching our Raised Latrines and Latrine Superstructures to both Sudan and the Central African Republic.

Chris explains the concept behind these:

“Our latrines offer full privacy and security that allows individuals to have access to a dignified toilet facility. They are ideal for both domestic and communal use during the interim stage following an emergency situation”

The Raised Latrine has been specifically designed for built up and urban areas with rocky ground or a high water table. It features stairs which can be positioned either at the front of the building or on the side. Therefore providing ease of access. The raised platform and waste collection tanks present a stable construction for multiple cubicles. The Latrine Superstructures can also be securely positioned on top of an 800mm x 1200mm Squat Plate or Trench Latrine.

As a company, we have pushed forward consistently and have recently signed a deal to supply an initial 60 buildings to a hotel and hospitality supplier in Sri Lanka with firm plans to expand further overseas this year. This is something Chris Murphy intends continue doing for the foreseeable future “Our humanitarian line is growing fast and we believe that with the right distribution network we can provide sanitation and energy solutions to other developing countries.”

Whilst we may not be able to find solutions to all the problems that the world faces but we will keep expanding and improving our humanitarian range to find solutions to as many as we can.


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