Log Cabin Games Room


Bring entertainment, fun and excitement to your home with a log cabin games room! Enjoy a family games night every evening or host some of the best social events with your friends and family.

Lantera Log Cabin Games Room - Pool Table

With numerous restrictions limiting our activities, homes have evolved into more than just a space to relax and unwind. They have become essential for incorporating our favorite activities when going out is not an option. Bedrooms now double as work-from-home offices, kitchen counters transform into home-schooling stations, and lounges serve as entertainment hubs.

A log cabin is a timber building shell that completely transforms the garden. Introducing a gaming cabin means there is entertainment on your doorstep, and there is no need to leave your home.

Let’s talk you through how you can create the ideal games room, from choosing the right garden building, all the way to equipping it with some of the best gaming gear!

The log cabin designed for your garden will firstly come down to the amount of space you have available. Once you have measured the area, you will then narrow down the options giving you the opportunity to choose a style you prefer. Opt for a modern contemporary pent roof cabin or a traditional chalet style. Based on the model chosen consider the use and longevity of the log cabin.

What to consider when purchasing for year round use:

floor insulation for wooden timber log cabin         dominator walls thickness wooden log cabin
4 point locking system on dominator log cabin           24mm double glazed windows and doors

  • Insulation – fully insulated or insulated floor and roof
  • Double glazed windows – comes standard with 45mm wall thickness
  • Log wall thickness – 45mm thick logs or 62mm Insulated (equivalent to 140mm)
  • Locking system – 4-point advanced locking system

After working out what log cabin you would like, you want to prepare a flat, square and level base for the building to sit on. It is important to get this organised before the delivery of the log cabin as you won’t be able to commence installation until so.

All log cabins come untreated, therefore require maintenance and a protection of the timber. Weatherproof the garden building with a solvent or water based treatment, choose a clear treatment and enhance the beauty of the natural grain or add a pop of colour to it and make it a statement in the garden!

Now you want to think about what you’re going to equip the log cabin with and power up the cabin with some electrical points. If you are not a competent electrician, get in touch with a professional and let them know how many switches, sockets, what requires to run off electricity etc.

What is going to sit centre stage in your log cabin games room? A pool table/snooker table is a popular choice amongst many. Home Leisure Direct can help provide many different games and entertainment features in your log cabin games room.

Severn Log Cabin Games Room

Man Cave – A space dedicated to all forms of games, entertainment and fun. Set up a bar in the corner, with a pool table in the centre, alongside a dartboard on one wall and a tv on another.

Video Games – A digital gaming hub! Set up a simulator rig, gaming screens, digital consoles and more.

Multi-Room Log Cabins – Turn the log cabin into a multifunctional room where you can have a home gym and entertainment space like a home pub!

log cabin pub garden | Dunster House

Furnish the room with cosy seating for when you have guests over, or using the room as a group. With any games room, it will probably be used often and things can get messy and competitive. Look for low maintenance, easy wipe furniture that will not be damaged by drink spillages, rips etc.

Take a look at Andy and Rose’s Arcade Log Cabin!


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