Log Cabin Windows and Doors

As Dunster House Ltd started out as a specialist uPVC windows and doors manufacturer, we would like to think that we have been developing the best windows and doors in the market for our garden buildings. Our range of Windows and Doors has been developed over a number of years to provide our customers with the best and most secure option available when purchasing a Dunster House Garden Building.


log cabin windows and doors 4mm toughened glass

We use 4mm toughened glass in our windows and doors, for increased security and resilience. It’s better than 3mm horticultural glass commonly found in garden buildings. It’s much harder to break and is more scratch resistant than any of the plastic alternatives. Such as Styrene, Perspex or Acrylic. While our double glazed units use 24mm sealed units, which offers greater thermal efficiency. Regardless of the thickness, all of our double glazed sealed units are manufactured to European Standard EN1279 to prevent condensation between panes.

Domestic Windows

log cabin windows and doors open


Our windows and doors use domestic grade multi-point locking mechanisms. Giving you peace of mind when leaving valuables in your garden building. This includes domestic style metal handles, similar to what you have in your home. And gasket seals which add to the weatherproofing of your garden building. Our windows and doors are jam-packed with features!

Our windows also feature a multi-point locking system with mushroom headed espagnolette locks. It sounds like an appealing pasta dish. However, once the espagnolette locks engage with the keeps, it makes it harder for the windows to be forced open. This is because the locks hook underneath the edge of the keeps. This is an advantage over the simple roller cam system that can be found on some other garden buildings windows. It also serves a similar purpose to the hook bolt we feature on our door locks. The windows also have anti-jemmy riser blocks fitted, these will prevent the windows from being forced open by somebody simply pushing the sash sideways and disengaging the locks, similar to the function of the opposing cams on the door lock.

There’s no need to worry about the windows moving about in the wind either as they are fitted on domestic friction stays. So, you can open your window and the friction stay will hold it open, just like uPVC windows in most homes. Giving you a window that is far more usable on windy days when you just want to quickly open it up and let the fresh air in.


log cabin windows and doors - open door

Our doors use four different locking points to give you maximum security. They include a locking catch, hook bolt and two opposing cams. The opposing cams move in opposite directions, locking the lead door to the secondary door. Therefore preventing the door from being lifted out of the locked position, whilst the hook bolt holds the two doors together in the other direction preventing them from being pried apart. This is combined with a 6-pin Euro cylinder, the same type of lock barrel you would find on a modern domestic door.

Easy-adjust hinges are used for our doors. They allow you to make adjustments by rotating the hinges in and out of the timber on either the sash or the frame. So hanging the doors in the first place is a breeze and you can easily adjust them in future if you need to. The long lengths of timber in the sides of the door sashes and in the sides of our long windows are made using laminated timber, which helps to reduce bowing.

Made from high-quality Spruce timber our windows and doors all feature internal beading. This allows you to easily remove the glass from the inside of the cabin. In case it ever breaks and you need to replace it. However since the beads are inside the cabin, no intruder will be able to do so outside of the log cabin. It’ll make breaking into your garden building more difficult. However, it gives you the flexibility to replace the glass easily should ever you need to do so.


Extra level of security

Here’s another security step we took on all of our windows and doors. The entire frames can be easily removed from the inside of the building. The U-channel of timber which holds them in place is screwed into place on the inner trims. But glued into place on the outside. Should ever you need to replace a window or door, or if you want to add a window or door into a cabin wall you can do so quite simply. Unscrew the internal trims, put the window or door into place and then screw them back on again. Of course, it’s not possible to do the same from outside of the building.

Our doors are just as secure as those you have at home. Don’t let the lower panel with its attractive tongue and groove effect fool you. This panel will not have gaps appear in the same way as a normal log cabin door would.


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