Our Climbing Frame objectives Fun and Fitness


When we first set out to design a product, we set out a few specific objectives. There are obviously the company goals and objectives such as delivering them in a suitable time frame, competitive pricing and production rates.  However our main goal is always about making you happy with your garden building or structure. When it comes to Climbing Frames, our desired outcome is simple: fun.

The smile on a child’s face when they get to the park is immeasurable; it only takes a few minutes to be in awe of their imagination as they turn the climbing frame into a pirate ship, turn swings into a spaceship and escape the monster by going down the slide as fast as they can.

Our research and development team work tirelessly to recreate all the fun elements of the frames and slides you would find at the park. There is so much more to our Climbing Frames than simply fun, it can also benefit them mentally and physically by getting them outside and running around. The climbing, swinging and hanging on monkey bars all help to build their core strength.

The strengthening of a child’s core strength is vital for their development as they grow. The muscles around the abdomen, back and chest are vital for physical fitness but also things like their handwriting skills, fine motor skills and even participate in things like school sports days and other events.

Whilst you can not measure the amount of fun your child is having with any specific action, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the benefits of your Climbing Frame will go into school and help them achieve specific measurable goals. These are not time bound skills that will only benefit them in school but a way of developing skills that can help them achieve long term goals. Goals that will help them not only in primary school but in every aspect of their life into adulthood.

These are measurable steps, vital skills to develop at a young age to help your child achieve their goals later in life. It teaches them independence, risk assessment and chance taking, survival, logical and creative thinking as well as strengthening their social skills.

 All of the benefits that come with the Climbing Frame, all come back down to being sociable. Whether using a Climbing Frame at a park, or playing with their friends in the garden, it is all based around spending time with their friends. This helps them develop their voices, developing things such as negotiation skills.

Our research and development team have worked hard to create Climbing Frames that can be used until they are 14 years old (dependent on weight and size of the child). These are not just Climbing Frames for young children; our Climbing Frames are usable until 14 years of age. All the timber used in our Climbing Frame is pressure treated which means it is guaranteed for as long as you can be playing on it (unless you have more than one child).

One of our primary overall goals is transparency. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to find any information you need regarding the benefits of our Climbing Frames, the equipment needed, the guarantees and the Terms and Conditions that go with them. We are proud of the hard work we have put into our Climbing Frame range, ensuring they are safe, fun and built to last.

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