Things To Do This October Half Term

With half term fast approaching, you must be racking your brain trying to think of fun, creative and entertaining things to do with your little ones. Having already had them out of school for a long period of time, you may have already tried every possible indoor activity.

Consoles, tablets and TV’s are probably not what you want them doing all day long, so here are a few of our suggestions and ideas on keeping your children entertained during this October half term.

Do your little ones love being in the great outdoors, venturing out and discovering nature?

Home Sports Day

Keep the kids fit, active and entertained with a home sports day. A good old egg and spoon race, or if your little ones like a challenge set up a mini triathlon. If the typical British weather doesn’t allow for a garden sports field, you can still have an indoor sports day. Move some furniture around, make a small assault course and have tons of fun.

Climbing Frame 

Everyone loves a day out to the park, so why not bring the park to the garden! That way the kids can play out all day long, and you can still crack on with other jobs that need to be complete. Climbing frames are a great way to let the kids’ imaginations run wild. One day they will be king or queen of the castle, the next they will all be pirates on their ship.

BalconyFort Searcher   SquirrelFort


Have a fun day/evening building dens, then cosy up and watch movies all day and night! Such a creative, cost effective way to get your children up and about having a time of their life!

Halloween Week 

With Halloween at the end of the half term holiday, why not have a week of themed activities around Halloween. Carve some pumpkins, create some of your own scary masks, bake some biscuits or toffee apples.

Halloween Week   

Theatre Production

At a time like this, where we are unable to meet our family and friends as often and in large groups as we wish, why not put on a small virtual production for them. Have a week of role play, acting, costume making and then get the children to do the production whilst everyone watches either on Zoom, FaceTime etc.


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