Our Climbing Frames have everything but the picnic table

Technically two of our larger Climbing Frames have mini picnic tables, but not the large ones you can fit the entire family round. We are using it in this sense to let you know we have thought of everything so you don’t have to. Your hardest decision is going to be figuring out which of our Climbing Frames you need.

There is nothing a parent understands more than the joy a park visit can bring to their children. It is a great way to help them burn excess energy at the end of a busy school day, or a way to spend an afternoon on a weekend. In a world where technology dominates young children’s lives. A Climbing Frame could prove vital in helping them get away from the screen and help them maintain healthy lifestyles both physically and mentally.

Finding the time to visit your favourite park, and wait for others to stop playing so your child can get a go on the swings, can be difficult. It also involves a lot of packing as you try to remember drinks, snacks, coats and anything else you may need for the duration of your stay. The last thing you want to do is have to turn around and venture back home because you forgot something.

Adding a Climbing Frame to your garden not only benefits your child but will benefit you too. By having a climbing frame in your back garden, you eliminate the stress of hearing your child asking to go to the park multiple times a day. They could even take themselves while you take advantage of the peace and quiet to finally get that cup of tea you’ve been trying to drink all day.

Ashleigh Balcony Fort - everything but the picnic table


Other than a few exceptions such as the JuniorFort Tower and MicroFort Climbing Frame, our range include things such as monkey bars, slides, swings and even professional grade climbing stones to transform the steps into a climbing wall. These elements alone will keep your children busy for hours. However as with all of our products, we like to give you the option of customising your purchase and our Climbing Frames are no exception.

Nurture your children’s imagination by turning your Climbing Frame into a pirate ship, or the fastest car on the track, with the help of our accessory pack. This pack includes a wheel, a telescope and hand grips allowing them to turn their Climbing Frame into whatever they want. They could travel the world from the safety of their back garden, the only limit is their imagination.

Of course, no pirate ship is complete without it’s very own flag. Our flag features the traditional skull and crossbones, which can be hoisted or lowered by the little pirates when they board the ‘ship’.

We want the Climbing Frame to be as stress free for you, and as fun for your children, as possible. We also know how often children change their minds when they are at the park. With this in mind, we designed our Nest Swing.

This circular swing can be used as an alternative to the swings. Switched over easily with our clamp style swing hooks, the large diameter means more than one child can play on it at any one time. This eliminates any unnecessary arguing over who gets to go on it first.

Safety first

Our Climbing Frames are not only high quality, but safe too. All of our Climbing Frames have been tested to meet European Safety Standards, they are CE Rated and have the EN71 stamp of approval.

We test various elements of the climbing frame; such as adding weights to the platforms, hang weights off of the swing hooks and use toggles to make sure no little feet or arms can get trapped when playing. We do all of the worrying, so you know your Climbing Frame is perfect for your little one.

We take the safety of your children seriously, even down to how you secure your Climbing Frame. Unlike most competitors, we don’t use plastic pegs which can break or come loose. We use 530mm galvanised anchors, these have large metal disks which get dug into the ground to help secure it. This means you can let your children be as energetic as they want without worrying about the climbing frame coming loose.


Your Climbing Frame will quickly become the place to be after school and on the weekends. It will be well loved, and well used, by your children and their friends. We want to make sure that the Climbing Frame long outlasts your child’s energy.

We pressure treat the timber that we use in our Climbing Frames. This protects the frame against rot and insect infestation much more than if it was dip treated. All pressure treated timber comes with a 10 year guarantee against wood eating fungal and insect infestation (terms and conditions apply).

We hold our pressure treated timber to the same safety specifications as the rest of our Climbing Frame range. We have tested it to be sure that the chemicals used are safe for your children, which of course they are. We proudly show the EN71-3 stamp to show the results of our hard work.

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