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Were you among the many participants of Joe Wicks’ workouts during 2020 lockdown? It was a period of immense participation. Hundreds of thousands of people joined in on the fun.

Now the world has gone back to its normal pace. You may have gone back to your old habits, making it hard to balance work, home life, and the school run. But it doesn’t have to be that hard! The answer is simple: make your own gym. You supply the outdoor gym equipment, we’ll supply the Log Cabin!

Working Out

The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of fitness, health, and living a healthier lifestyle. We have been spending more time at home and lounging around, which has made this even more evident. Everyone soon became very aware of the spread of germs, and how easily, simple coughs and colds were transmitted.

It’s normal to feel a little uneasy, now that public gyms and leisure centres have opened back up. You may not feel as comfortable entering the gym as before.

Home Gyms

Maybe it’s time for a change. The addition of a Log Cabin means you are more likely to reap the health benefits of a daily workout. You can easily fit in a gym session at your property. It is only a minute’s walk away, in the garden.

You can choose to exercise when the children have gone to bed or even in the morning before you start work!

A home gym shouldn’t be any less luxurious than your local gym. Gone are the days where home gym would bring images of disused garages and basements to your mind. With our Log Cabins, your gym can be a light, airy space that you look forward to going into each day.

Say goodbye to lengthy journeys to crowded public gyms. No more unpleasant music, numerous disturbances, and waiting for your turn on the equipment you want to use. Having your own gym eliminates the hassle of paying for gym membership fees. Over time, this can save you money.

You can create a gym that works exclusively for you. All outdoor fitness equipment will be chosen by you so will be exclusively targeted for your workout. The customer below transformed their Log Cabin into a home gym. We may be biased, but we believe it looks better than most public gyms.

outdoor gym equipment set up in Severn Log Cabin

No membership costs

The cost of a gym membership can quickly add up over time. Paying £30-£40 for a gym, when you don’t have time to go as often as you’d like, can be frustrating. This burden can be difficult to manage.

The cost of acquiring high-quality gym equipment and a log cabin is one-time. Afterwards, there are no more expenses related to the gym. No need to worry about higher sign up fees, monthly membership, or contract cancellation costs. All other hidden fees are not applicable when using a gym.

No eyes on you

Walking through the gym can easily make you feel self-conscious. You can get nervous as you feel eyes on you, especially when you are first working out. Then there is the awkwardness of open changing rooms.

Working out in your own gym takes the stress out of it. Wear what you want, blast your favourite workout music and put the fun back into exercising. It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you feel like putting in your best work. When you’ve finished, close up your gym and get changed in the comfort of your own home.

outdoor gym equipment in a garden log cabin

No sharing equipment

One of the most common reasons why people miss a workout at the gym is that they ‘don’t have time’. It is understandable that commuting to the gym takes time. Additionally, finding a parking space and changing clothes can add to the time spent.

Working out, waiting for others to finish in the shower, and emerging from the gym also take time. The time around your workout can easily take a 30 minute streamline workout and make it an hour. An hour that you don’t have.

Most gym users know exactly what machines they need to target which muscles on any particular day. Using the same machine can be a problem when multiple gym users want to use it.

It is especially difficult if it is a popular piece of equipment. You may have to wait a while to complete your workout. Alternatively, you may not have enough time and miss it altogether. Choose the outdoor equipment that suits your workout. This will prevent delays, as you won’t need to wait for other gym users. This will help you make your workout more efficient.

Take your workouts to the next level without the neighbours complaining about the noise with our Log Cabins. Our industry leading 4 point lock and 4mm toughened glass are standard features for securing your gym equipment. You can rest easy knowing your investment is safe.

We have included customer photos in this blog. These photos demonstrate how people have converted their log cabins into home gyms. Additionally, these photos give you an idea of how a home gym might look in your garden and inspire you!

Our intention is for this to serve as a source of inspiration for you. Should you have any enquiries regarding our Log Cabins or any other items, such as Summerhouses, Gazebos, Pergolas, Addroom Garden Rooms, Garden Sheds, Climbing Frames, and more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team. You can contact them at 01234 272445.


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