Outdoor Shelters for Schools Maximise Learning Facilities

With schools already limited to space, and the current pandemic putting a further strain on that, you must be thinking how to accommodate so many children with only so many classrooms? The outdoor space surrounding the school building is the perfect place to gain more space with our shelters. Lessons can take place, create an outdoor dining area for lunch or meeting areas for teachers or 1:1’s with students.

Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor classrooms are great for young students in primary school who are eager to explore, discover and be creative within their surroundings. A gazebo shelter, with side wall panels – solid or glazed creates a learning area a little different to a standard classroom.

Host fun, creative lessons in smaller groups and not feel limited to space. The fully protected, roofed shelter is not just made for the summer months, it can be used all year round! Super low maintenance, sturdy and robust outdoor classroom gazebos can be one of the best, most convenient investments added to your school facilities.

There are so many uses of an outdoor classroom, you can use it for the most basic use to the most creative!

  • Just a classroom – with limited room, use the outdoor structure to simply take a class as you would inside
  • Dining Area – no matter what the weather, lunch time can become less chaotic with these outdoor shelters, as packed lunch students can be seated here.
  • Play Area – make this outdoor classroom into a fun and creative area messy play space.
  • Discussion Time – no need to sit behind desks, use the space to have discussion based lessons or assessments. For example, modern foreign language speech assessments can take place outdoors.

Outdoor learning is fun for young children, as it keeps their minds active and focused at all times. A shelter as such is great for breaking up double lessons, especially for secondary schools. For example, prepare a double science lesson with theory based inside and experiments outdoors under the shelter.

These large outdoor structures are not just made for the students, it is a shelter that can make a great office area for staff, either when hosting a meeting or an area to focus alone. With many wonderful uses an outdoor classroom has, discover our new range! If you would like to discuss anything with a member of our team, do not hesitate to call us 01234 272445.


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