Pams Presents and Pals

At Dunster House, we do not just pride ourselves on our success externally with testimonials; we take pride in our internal in-house staff just as much. Taking care of one another is expressed in so many ways at Dunster House; we work best when we help each other; much like most families do. We are fortunate enough that our family at DH is widespread to numerous UK distribution depots and over 14 factories worldwide!

As our company has grown, our vision of being customer-focused and driven to maintain high standards and competitive prices has never waived.

A brief history; Dunster House was founded by Christopher and Pamela Murphy in 1994. Core family values have always been a desire and the heart of creativity within the company. From being innovative and sophisticated leaders within the revolutionised garden products market, our founder Pam focused on how we can continue to implement our family values towards customers. We couldn’t agree more with how refreshing Pam’s idea is.

Pam set a clear focus on how best we at Dunster House could express gratitude in a more personalised way. If you are lucky to know Pam, you will know how creative she is and how her gift wrapping is sensational! She seriously puts the rest of us here to shame!

Recently, being positive and staying positive has been difficult. The pandemic seemed never-ending and, the uncertain times provided strain on not only our health but also ourselves, family, friends, business, and so much more.

Spreading positivity has been vital to one another and it really doesn’t take much to spread light when everything around us all seems a bit dark.

To tell our customers how we continue to appreciate their support to our ever-growing business, we have started in the month of March to gift customers at random with a hand wrapped box of goodies, all done by Pam! The gift is delivered by hand by our expert delivery drivers; not only does the gift of giving not stop there, but we will also take some time out to listen and write up about the customer who was gifted the box of goodies, and their story will be featured on our website. We are always looking at how our customers are most happy; if telling your delivery story doesn’t suit your fancy, then that is ok to – the box of goodies is yours regardless!

Below is our delivery driver Jim pictured with a very smiley James. James received his  Terminator Pent Log Cabin delivery, on the 3rd of March. James was happy to report that he was pleased with sales and very pleased with the delivery service. We couldn’t be prouder of our team, and we wish James the best of luck with the DIY build and hope he enjoys his new Log Cabin!

This is just the start, and we are so excited to see how our random act of kindness project expands for the foreseeable!

Our company is getting bigger, and we are so fortunate that expanding so quickly can happen efficiently. For this, we thank our customers, the loyalty and trust you place in us is unmeasurable, and every day we are grateful for being able to continue to grow and flourish. With this being said, as a company Dunster House is striving for never become an impersonal company, we see our employees as individuals and never just a number; something we are proud to be elucidating this mantra to our customers every day.

A simple kind word goes a long way; we really do believe that a random act of kindness goes a long way, no matter how small, it can still make a tremendous impact on someone else’s life. I guess you could say we really put the care into ‘handle with care’!


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