lastic Sheds vs Wooden Sheds Why a Wooden Shed is Better

You know the phrase, new year new shed, right? Well either way, it’s the perfect time to indulge in your garden and treat your space to a new shed.

A shed is probably the most practical item you can add to your garden, it’s a space to hide away unsightly tools, summer furniture, your children’s toys and much more. It could also be somewhere for a secret garden bar.

There are a lot of sheds on the market, all of which come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. We know the plastic garden sheds seem appealing, but we are here to explain to you why we truly believe wooden garden sheds are far better for you and your garden. Why not create a pub shed, or even your very own garden bar!


Plastic Sheds

A quick google search brings up hundreds on plastic sheds you can choose from, but have you considered both the pros and cons of such item? We have laid out what we think falls into each category accordingly.


Cheaper alternative: Plastic sheds are budget friendly; they are definitely cheaper than some wooden sheds on the market. This is perfect if you are very restricted with what you have.

. Different colours available: Due to the material being plastic, you can find lots of different coloured sheds out there. Which not only looks appealing, but also saves you the time and effort to decorate it yourself.

. Can easily be moved: Due to how lightweight a plastic shed is compared to a wooden shed, it can be moved around a lot easier than the latter.



Not sturdy: A plastic shed is not as hard wearing and sturdy as a wooden one. You want a shed that you don’t need to constantly worry about with the ever-changing British weather.

Hard to regulate temperature: During extreme weather spells a plastic shed is going to suffer, this is something to consider with the effects global warming is currently having on Britain’s climate.

Lack of security: Security is an issue with plastic sheds, there is very little in the way to stop someone from breaking down the panels and getting in. If you opt for a plastic shed, be sure to check the lock it comes with.

Not big enough: Most plastic sheds are not built to hold shelves for heavy goods, therefore they often come in smaller sizes. This is perfect if you want a shelter for your bikes, garden games etc, but if you want somewhere for a workshop then a wooden shed is your best bet.


Adam Garden Shed


Wooden Sheds

Now we are going to move onto the pros and cons of wooden sheds. Again, there are loads of shapes and sizes out on the market, with lots of different features, so be sure to do some decent market research before purchasing.


Strong: A wooden shed is structurally stronger than a plastic one. With different thicknesses of timber available you can protect it from all kinds of British weather.

Safe: A lot of sheds will have a strong hasp and clasp locking mechanism, Dunster House sheds definitely do, this means the screws are hidden so it is harder to get into the shed. With stronger timber and the lock, wooden sheds are a lot harder to break into.

Can be decorated: Timber can be painted with specific timber paints, all of which come in a variety of fun colours. Therefore, you can be as creative as you like, whether you want to match your garden furniture or create a statement in the garden, you can do so on a wooden shed. Check out Mary Price’s Shed of the year, and see how she decorated her one!

Versatile: Due to the sturdy timber frames, wooden sheds are very versatile. It can house your garden workshop, your summer furniture storage, a garden bar or even a space for a gym.



Can be costly: The larger and better quality you go with a wooden shed the more money it is going to cost. Which if you are on a budget, may cause a few problems. It’s always best to conduct proper market research to ensure you are getting best value for money.

Requires treatment: Your wooden shed should be treated each year to help protect it against rot and insect infestation. This does help maintain its lifespan though, so you shouldn’t need to replace it often.

That concludes our discussion on which garden shed is better for you, which is evidently a wooden shed when looking at the pros and cons. It may end up being more of an investment, however it would be something that withstands harsher climates as well as heavy duty tasks.

Why not search our wide range of high quality wooden sheds to find the perfect fit for you!


Ariane Bike Shed


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