PremiumPlus RapidPads Foundation System


In this article, we will discuss the different types of garden building bases you can have installed to build your product on, including our heavy-duty Premium RapidGrid foundation system.

Premium RapidGrid Foundation

PremiumPlus RapidPads* are plastic round stumps that raise your garden product from the ground. We now offer the option of RapidGrid which is an environmentally friendly foundation that costs far less than concrete. If you want to reduce the workload, time and cost, RapidGrid is what you want to consider.

It is made from weed control membrane and heavy-duty plastic grids, which are supplied in the form of tiles that click into one another, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Once these are laid and interlocked it forms a rigid and durable base that is strong enough to balance the weight of your garden building.

Generally, Premium RapidGrid is suitable for most gardens and is designed to work in medium-firm ground conditions.

You will need to prepare the area the RapidGrid tiles are going to be laid on, however this is pretty minimal.

How to prepare your ground for RapidGrid

  1. Level the ground
  2. Manoeuvre the soil and dig into the groundworks about 30-40mm deep
  3. Lay the RapidGrid base
  4. Fill the grids with pea shingle stones (purchase from local builders’ merchant)

The advantage of laying the RapidGrid Foundation system is that you don’t have to wait for anything to dry. As soon as the mats have been interlocked and filled with pea shingle stones, you are ready to start erecting your garden building.

See How Easy it is to Install RapidGrids

Our short video highlights just how easy it is to lay RapidGrids for any Garden Sheds, Garden Offices, Log Cabins etc

Other Log Cabin Base Options

RapidGrid is a great type of base if you are looking for something cost effective, time efficient and easy to install. There are instances where RapidGrid won’t be suitable, and those reasons tend to be due to steep slopes and/or unstable ground.

Alternatively, there are other log cabin base options available such as: concrete, paving slabs or decking. Concrete is the best foundation, and is the one we highly recommend, as it provides a firm, stable and durable base to build a heavy garden building on.

We always suggest laying a slightly bigger base because if the log cabin is out of square, it will still accommodate. Add 100mm to the perimeter of the base, for example if you have a 5m x 3m log cabin the base would roughly need to be 5.2m x 3.2m.

The cost of a concrete base will be considerably more; however, it is the most reliable. Outsourcing the work will also have an increase in the price, in comparison to purchasing the material and completing it yourself. However, this will be dependent on your skillset and what equipment you have available to hand.

What to remember when laying a base!

  • Always ensure your base is flat, solid and square
  • Outsource the installation if you aren’t entirely sure as this will impact the overall build
  • Consider roof overhangs
  • Evaluate the location of where you are planning to build the log cabin

*We no longer sell PremiumPlus RapidPads.

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