Pubs and Restaurants Reopening Permanent or Temporarily

Lockdown 2.0 is coming to an end, but are all pubs and restaurants reopening? Christmas is on the horizon, and we all want to enjoy the company of our family and friends but, where, when, who with and how long for? This is a situation that requires some DIY!

Furious Pigeon

With all areas being categorised in levels of risk with the updated tier system, where does this leave all hospitality venues, particularly pubs and restaurants. Everything is so uncertain at this stage that all these reopening’s could just be a temporary measure, meaning that we may face another set of closures.

Not being able to visit our local pub after a long day at work or dressing up to go to our favourite restaurants on the weekend really leaves us with not much to look forward to. In order to protect one another and maintain social distancing, restaurants are limited to the amount of people they can seat making it harder to get a booking or reservation.

2020 is a year that the vast majority is ready to see the end off, but having been faced with these massive changes 2020 has been the year of DIY! Many of us have taken on the challenge to create our own versions of our favourite foods, drinks, restaurants and more.

To enjoy this festive season, discover some DIY ways of how you can enjoy the pub and restaurants at home!

Pub Shed

A pub shed does exactly what it says on the tin. You may be sitting there thinking of a shed, a brown, square box for storing garden tools, which isn’t the most appealing place to create an at-home pub. You’re wrong! When we talk about a pub shed, we are referring to a log cabin kit which comes in an array of styles. Completely DIY meaning you build it, design it, paint it and enjoy it!

Step inside Eddie’s Bar that sits in Sam Bailey’s garden.

Severn Pub Shed

Created in the Severn Log Cabin

DIY Restaurant

Love a ‘cheeky Nando’s’ or are you more for a fancy dress up restaurant? Whatever style of restaurant you like, bring it home by creating your own. Crank up the BBQ and enjoy a twist of your favourite burger joint! Sit out in the garden for a change of atmosphere. Here we are in early December talking about sitting in the garden, as daft as this may sound there are outdoor buildings that can easily accommodate using a BBQ in the winter with a space to keep cosy.

Roxanne’s Entertainment Gazebo

Roxanne Atlas Gazebo

Read our article on how to create your own Lockdown DIY Cocktail Bar Log Cabin! 

Whether pubs and restaurants are reopening, with some of these DIY garden creations you and your family no longer have to face long periods of boredom! The beauty of a DIY pub shed or restaurant in the garden means no rules, no time constraints and it always remains open! Change the dynamics of Christmas this year by enjoying the festivities within the safe proximity of the garden.


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