Saying Goodbye to your Morning Commute


An article on BBC News shows that the Institute of Directors (IoD) held a survey of 1,000 firms. 74% of these people plan to decrease their time in the office and to increase their home working. In this article we are going to explore the many benefits of saying goodbye to your morning commute.


The daily commute to work often adds additional and unnecessary stress to your day. Things like missing the alarm, car malfunctions and traffic jams can all leave you flustered and not performing at your best. The continual high levels of stress are not only bad for your mental health, but your physical health too.


Stress can manifest itself physically; such as rising blood pressure, headaches, tension and the general feeling of nausea. These can cause you to take time off work. This time off leads to a feeling of pressure to catch up which causes you to feel stressed. It is a vicious circle, most of which can be stopped by saying goodbye to the morning commute.


Adding a Garden Office to your home may seem like too big of an investment. However it will pay for itself when you factor in the money you will save. Rising fuel costs, additional premiums you pay on insurance when using your car for business and the unbudgeted coffees and rolls that you pick up on the way to work because you run out of time for breakfast again. These all add up.


The benefits of saying goodbye to your commute are not only physical and mental, but helps schedule your time too. An article by the University of Cambridge claims that the average commuter spends 38 minutes on average commuting each way. This equates to over eight hours per week that you spend travelling to and from the office. By getting rid of the time constraint of the commute, you open up your time for much better things.


These benefits of getting rid of the morning commute also filter through to your productivity at work. The stress of the morning commute can have a detrimental effect on the quality of your work. By the time you manage to battle through the various tasks that have affected your daily commute and left you frustrated, you feel as if you have already taken on a day’s worth of work stress. This leaves you in a much worse place to face any professional challenges thrown your way.


The addition of a Garden Office to your garden allows you to have a personal space where you can truly focus on work, free from the day to day distractions that working from home can present. Your morning commute is cut from half an hour to minutes; giving you time to have breakfast with your children, fit a morning workout in or spend that extra ten minutes in bed.


Having the time to do these small actions may seem like a little thing, but it puts you in a much better place for starting your work day. The quality of your work will go up and, as the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has shown, connecting to the office remotely could not be easier.


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