Solar Lighting How to Light your Log Cabin


As gardens become increasingly popular for use as extra space, there is more of a need to find ways to light your outdoor areas and garden buildings. This ensures you get the most out of them throughout the whole day, and during the passing seasons. The quickest and easiest way to add lighting to your log cabin or outdoor building is with solar lighting.

Solar Lighting - How to Light your Log Cabin Garden Building, Outdoor Lighting

Choosing the Right Lighting

When it comes to lighting, there are many options, but there are some things to consider to help you choose the right solution for you. Whether you want interior lights or outdoor lights, the right kind of lighting can really enhance your garden building. Lighting can be used to brighten up the space when it gets dark outside, to add atmosphere and create a mood, or as a security light.

The type of lights you choose will depend on whether you want them to serve a practical purpose, or be a decorative feature. Lighting can come from ornamental lamps, lanterns and fairy lights that will make an attractive and interesting addition. Alternatively, lights can be used to create visual interest by highlighting a specific feature or focal point, or add an eye-catching colourful display.

The amount of lighting you need inside your log cabin will depend on what you intend to use the room for, and how much time you will spend inside it. Other factors to consider are where in your garden it is located, and how much natural light it receives through windows. The size of your garden room will also have an impact, with larger log cabins typically needing more lighting than a smaller one.

Interior Log Cabin Lighting

A log cabin is a multi-functional building ideal for all year round, so whatever your intended use, make the most of your interior space with indoor lighting. Whether you are creating a summer house, garden office, man cave or garden party room, the addition of lighting will ensure you provide the right environment to enjoy spending time in it.

Good lighting is essential, especially in the evenings when the sun goes down. A main source of lighting that fills the room will enable you to use your log cabin to its full potential. For example, if you’re using your garden room as a home office, you’ll need a bright interior to help you concentrate and focus on your work. You will need plenty of lighting during your full working hours.

If you’re after more of a relaxed atmosphere, to entertain friends and family, or just chill out, then choose lighting that will help to set the mood. Make your garden building the perfect place to gather after a party or BBQ.

To create a bright and airy feel inside your log cabin, use light colours for furnishings and painted interiors. Try to maximise the natural light that you receive inside the garden cabin by letting it reflect off the walls and around the room. Use lighting to create a homely feel, ideal for spending cosy evenings in your log cabin retreat.

Solar Lighting - How to Light your Log Cabin, Garden Bar Interior Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Brighten up your garden space with some outdoor lighting, so you can enjoy time outside, even after the sun sets, and party on into the night. Outdoor lighting can be used as a decorative feature, making your garden more appealing. Light up your outdoor seating area, pathways, and the entrance to your log cabin.

Be sure to use lighting that is suitable for outdoor use, so that it will last. Lights designed for use outdoors will be more waterproof and durable to the weather than lights intended for use indoors.

Why Choose Solar Lighting

Whatever design of light you decide upon, you will need to consider whether it will be wired up to the mains electricity or powered by solar energy. Electric powered lights work in the same way as lighting inside a house, relying on the mains electrical supply. Meanwhile, solar powered lights work off the grid, and are powered by the sun.

Solar lighting is a fantastic option, as it allows you to take advantage of the natural sunlight in your garden. All you need to power your lights is sunshine, making it the eco-friendly option as it uses a renewable energy source. It is also budget friendly too, as sunlight is free!

Getting mains electricity to your garden log cabin could be an issue and cause unnecessary hassle. This is especially true if you need to trail cables across to a garden building that is far away from the house. With solar power, there’s no need to dig up the garden to hide connecting cables. Installing solar power will save you time as it is much easier and quicker. It will save money too, as it doesn’t require the expense of a qualified electrician. As energy prices continually rise, more savings can be made in the long run too on utility bills.

Solar power works with the use of solar panels to absorb the sunlight, which uses the energy to power the bulb and emit light. Solar panels can either be integrated into the light itself, or as a separate panel joined by a cable. Batteries can also be attached to the solar lighting system to store excess energy. Be sure to place any solar panels somewhere they will receive good sunlight to maximise their potential.

Lighting will brighten up your garden and enhance your outdoor living space. It is extremely important for your garden buildings if you want to get as much use out of them as you can. The best option is solar lighting, as it is environmentally friendly, easy to install, and cheap to run.

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