Summer Gardening Fun For Kids

As industry leaders selling garden buildings for almost 30 years, we have seen countless examples of how our cabins, offices, and other garden building ranges have provided the perfect solution for many small and large businesses.

From nail salons, office spaces, personal training rooms, hair salons, beauty rooms, and much more, our garden buildings have provided limitless, cost-effective solutions for many businesses over the years.

A fantastic example of how our log cabins have addressed real business needs is our recent sale of log cabins to Tantec – one of the world’s leading providers of Plasma and Corona Treatment Systems.

Speaking with Tantec’s Managing Director Chris Howey, the business required a premises that offered the perfect balance between office and production space, but there was very little in the way of units available.

Log Cabin meeting room interior

Here’s what Chris had to say:

“Buying log cabins for business was a bit of an ‘out there’ idea, but having looked for new premises for our growing business and not finding the right balance of office space and production areas anywhere, we needed to consider other options. Speaking with builders to create new office space was coming in very expensive and would have taken too long to make moving our business sensible.

Using log cabins meant that we could build and install in a short time, for a fraction of the cost. It has also given us a memorable and quirky look to the business that visiting customers and suppliers do not forget. Without these buildings, it might have been near impossible to move our premises which we desperately needed to allow us to grow.

Having had three delivered at the end of 2022, we have been able to use them to get our business running without any issues.”
With the summer holiday fast approaching or currently in full swing, parents, grandparents and guardians often rack their brains for engaging activities to keep their children entertained. What better way to teach them about nature, responsibility, and foster their creativity than through gardening? Explore tips and tricks to get children into gardening during the summer holidays.  Adding a climbing frame can enhance the outdoor experience and make your garden an enchanting playground for little green thumbs.



Start Small and Exciting:

Introduce children to gardening by starting with small projects that yield quick results. Planting colourful flowers, delicious vegetables, or fragrant herbs can captivate their interest from the start. Consider planting seeds that germinate rapidly, such as sunflowers or radishes. This will intrigue young gardeners and encourage them to actively participate.

allotment ideas

Collaborative Gardening:

Make gardening an inclusive activity by involving kids in the entire process. From choosing what to grow to preparing the soil and watering the plants, let them experience the joy of working together towards a common goal. Encourage children to explore their creative side by designing their own small patch or container garden.


Incorporate Fun Garden Tools:

To make gardening enjoyable, invest in child-size gardening tools. These pint-sized accessories, like shovels, rakes, and watering cans, are readily available. They not only make gardening easier for children but also provide them with a sense of ownership over their garden projects.


Teach Plant Lifecycle and Responsibility:

Introduce children to the wonders of nature by explaining the different stages of a plant’s lifecycle. Nurture their sense of responsibility by assigning them age-appropriate tasks like weeding, watering, and monitoring growth. Teach them about the importance of regular care and patience, highlighting the rewards they will reap from their efforts.

allotment ideas

Encourage Creativity:

Gardening is not just about planting and maintaining; it offers immense creative opportunities. Encourage children to make their own plant markers using popsicle sticks and colourful paints. Let them decorate their garden space with handmade wind chimes, painted rocks, or even a bug hotel. These creative endeavours help children express themselves while making the garden a unique and personal space.


Enhancing the Experience with a Climbing Frame:

To make your garden even more enticing, consider adding a climbing frame. A climbing frame not only provides a fun and adventurous play area for children but also enhances their overall outdoor experience. Climbing frames promote physical activity, develop motor skills, and encourage imaginative play, all while being surrounded by the beauty of the garden.


Summer is the perfect time to foster your child’s love for gardening. By engaging them in hands-on activities, teaching them about nature’s wonders, and incorporating a climbing frame into your garden, you can create an enriching experience that your children will cherish. So, get those green thumbs ready and embark on an exciting journey of gardening with your little ones this summer!

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We are proud to be able to offer products to businesses and consumers alike, providing cost effective practical solutions to every day problems.

When we asked why Chris chose Dunster House to purchase his log cabins, he said:

 “Having spent hours looking around, Dunster House seemed to have the best variety, specifications, and pricing for cabins. The products on offer on the website give an immediate impression of quality and a step above your usual Log Cabins. After speaking with an advisor, who was very helpful, our mind was made up.

We found the experience of using Dunster House easy, and most importantly, informative. Getting the information from the website was quick and easy, and meant we could make an informed decision fast, with only a few questions which were answered well by the advisor we spoke with.”

Take a look below at how great the cabins look. How might a log cabin help you with your personal or business needs.

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Here are some other great examples of how other businesses have utilised our products as part of a solution for their business.


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