Learn more about Thatched Gazebo Maintenance

Please note: our range of Thatched Gazebos has been discontinued. As such, this article will not tell you about thatched gazebo maintenance but provide you with tips on how to maintain the rest of our Gazebo range.

Our Gazebos offer an extension of your living space at a fraction of the cost of a Conservatory. They are less troublesome to put up and maintain too. Our unique customisation option allows you to add full height wall panels, half height panels and even lets you add louvre panels to the top half of your structure. This turns your Gazebo into a garden building where you can enjoy late night dinners with friends or just a space to sit outside and enjoy your rare down time.

We take the majority of the hard work out of maintaining your Gazebo in the manufacturing process. All of the timber used in our garden buildings are cut to size before they are treated meaning you do not have to treat your Gazebo when it arrives.

This treatment helps protect your structure from becoming weak from rot and fungal decay; we are so proud of this that we offer a 10 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay on all pressure treated products.

All we do ask you to do with your Gazebo is to annually add a water repellent treatment. This helps to minimise, although not eliminate, the risk of the spruce twisting or warping.

Thatched Gazebo Maintenance Guide


As with anything in your home that has heavy footfall, your Gazebo will get messy on occasion. Debris from the garden, mud splashes and football prints are common garden ‘messes’ that can take from the look of your Gazebo. This is easy to clean up with a low power pressure washer. Alternatively, if you don’t have one of these to hand, a hose with a jet attachment. You will also need a soft bristled brush to help scrub any areas with particularly stubborn marks on.

Once you have got any marks off of your Gazebo. Rinse it to make sure any excess soap or debris has been removed. Then you simply leave it to dry; depending on the weather, this can be as little as twenty minutes.

Inspect your Gazebo

Now is the time to give your Gazebo a once over. Looking out for any low maintenance fixes. Things like loose nails and fixings, fungus, warping or cracking – things that are easy fixes if found in the early stages. Take this time to give your Gazebo a once over to identify any potential problem areas. Although the treatment process makes it highly unlikely that you will find anything.

Our entire range of Gazebos and Pergolas can be found here. If you have any questions, our sales team will be more than happy to discuss the products with you. Give them a call on 01234 272 445 or, alternatively, request a call back and we will get in touch at a time more convenient for you.


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