The Truth Behind Working From Home


COVID-19 has put many companies and employees in a position where they have to work from home. Many like the idea of the working home, but others not as keen. Here we discuss the truth behind working from home, alongside some solutions to support productivity and how to find that at-home work life balance.

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Severn Log Cabin

Working from home is a working style that was slowly becoming popular with certain employees within companies. However, little did we know that this was going to become a long term thing for the majority. There are many difficulties faced whilst working from home, affecting mental health, routine and work life balance. On the other hand, as much as employees find it difficult, employers can too with things such as the office cost, trust and productivity of the team.

Let’s discuss some of the issues faced whilst working from home, but a solution that can transform your at-home lifestyle either as an employee or employer.


Do you find yourself getting distracted less at home? Depending on your style of work, tasks and responsibilities you may find that working at home is better for you as you have less interruptions. It is easier to close yourself off from others when you’re working alone in a space that is just dedicated to you. However, others may find even though they are avoiding office interruptions, they are coming across home distractions such as children, pets, chores and family members.

Finding a designated area within your home is really important as this will allow you to focus throughout your working hours. Working out where this space is going to be can be difficult when all rooms within your home are occupied. Garden offices are multifunctional and investing in additional space in your garden could mean you could create the ideal office temporarily.

Office Interior

Office Cost 

Employers are finding themselves paying monthly rentals for an office with skeleton staff. With the uncertainty of when this pandemic is going to come to an end, as an employer you could be paying an excessive amount of office rental for no apparent reason. Venturing out to a smaller office space or garden office could be a much more cost effective solution. It enables you to have a minimal amount of staff within the office proximity to work, without having to pay ridiculous rates.

Titania Garden Office

Titania Garden Office W7.5m x D3.5m


Staying productive is difficult at the best of times, and now with a global pandemic on the doorstep it has resulted in being harder than ever. When being used to working in a team environment to now alone, it can be less motivating. Keeping active, and taking regular breaks is a way to keep your mind engaged when working 9 – 5 at home. Introducing a routine to this new working from home lifestyle will support your productivity levels. Ensure work life and home life are kept otherwise you will find yourself overworking.

Introduce some Healthy Working From Home Habits to your life with this article.

Making your cosy, warm home your escape place and your work environment can impact work life balance. Investing in a garden room is a solution to separating the two. Many customers have found using a log cabin as an office has positively supported them in a number of ways. For any advice on choosing the correct garden office for you, do not hesitate to give us a call on 01234 272445.


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