Tips and advice for the summer making the most of it

Hot weather, garden parties, BBQs and quality time spent with family and friends are staples of summer. There is something special about sitting in the sunshine, drink in hand, your music playing in the background while laughing with your friends. However, the sporadic English weather can wreak havoc on your plans. Follow our simple tips and advice for the summer of your dreams!

It can be overwhelming looking at our website if you are unsure what you want from your garden. Are you looking to extend your home with one of our Log Cabins, entertain friends and family in our Pub Sheds or have a shelter from the elements with our Gazebos? We break down the questions you need to ask yourself in order to help you choose which one (or two) to add to your garden.

Think about your environment.

UK weather can be unpredictable, your garden can be exposed to rain, snow, wind and sun in a short 24 hour period. The addition of a Log Cabin can open up your garden and give you additional space, no matter what the weather.

Tips and advice for the summer, do you need Gazebos or a Log Cabin

If you had your heart set on a Gazebo but are worried about the amount of rain your garden gets, our Leviathan Gazebo range has the option to add half height and full height walls. It also has the option of having the bottom half of your Gazebo timber and the top half 4mm toughened glass, giving you shelter from the elements but allowing plenty of natural light.

What will you use our Garden Building for?

This is an essential question when picking your garden building, or perhaps structure, what do you need? Are you looking for a space to entertain family and friends with games nights or catching up with friends over drinks? If so, a garden Log Cabin is for you.

Tips and advice for the summer - Log Cabin bar combines the best of both worlds

Our range of Pub Sheds and Garden bars are delivered with a log bar included as standard. Meaning that, at your house, every hour is happy hour. Recreate the fun atmosphere of a bar without cons such as overcrowding, sticky floors, inflated prices and questionable music.

If you already have a Log Cabin, or are just looking for a space to sit with a cup of tea and a good book, then you may want to look at our Arbours. The addition of something simple like a Pergola is not only beautiful, but can lengthen and enhance your garden.

Where will you put it in your Garden?

This is probably the most important of our tips and advice for the summer: plan where you will put your cabin in your garden. Not only will this help you prepare the ground work before your kerbside delivery but will ensure it is perfect for your garden.

The best of our tips and advice for the summer, choose your location wisely

Our range of Log Cabins are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and the vast majority do not require planning permission as they are under 2.5m*. However if you are still unsure as every garden is different in shape and size we suggest getting in contact with your local authority.

You don’t want your Log Cabin to become a sun trap where you have no escape from the heat. Equally, you want to make sure your Log Cabin is not sitting in the darkness of the shade all day. Find the ideal space that lets you throw the wide opening double doors and enjoy the benefit of the heat while remaining cool. When the colder months hit; our 4mm toughened glass, seals and tongue and groove timber will let the party continue whilst you stay warm and dry.

The little details make a huge difference

One of the best things about owning your own Garden Building is that you can decorate it any way you want. We have seen our Log Cabins decorated in a variety of different ways. They have been full of little ‘bits and bobs’ to make a cabin of curiosities, as a home office with a drum set, as a games room, cinema…the list could go on and on.

Look on social media pages such as our YouTube or Instagram for helpful tips on how to decorate your summer Log Cabin.

Treat it, treat it, treat it!

Tips and advice for the summer, make sure you treat your Log Cabin

In addition to thinking about the interior of the cabin, you need to think about the outside. Our Log Cabins are delivered to you untreated, and we recommend you treat it as soon as possible. This allows you to decorate your cabin in a way that suits your style, preference and budget. You could opt for a neutral colour to enhance the natural finish of your Log Cabin or you can make it stand out for all the right reasons.

Our tips and advice for the summer are guaranteed to help you make memories. We want to see how your Garden Building helps make your summer great, make sure you send the images to our marketing team via email at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can send them to us via our social media pages. We can’t wait to see them.

*Our Vanguard Log Cabin is over 2.5m in height.


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