Top Easter Ideas for Kids Eggciting Ideas

Struggling for ideas for your children this Easter? Hoping to get them outside off their consoles this year? Here we are going through the top ideas for kids during the Easter period.

Log Cabins – Playhouse

When it comes to log cabins, one of the most obvious uses for these is to turn it into a playhouse! Children love having their own space to play and explore, and a log cabin can provide them with just that.

A games room is a great space as you can design and construct what they are interested in. Like building a fort, den or things like shops and restaurants. The sturdy construction of a log cabin will withstand even the more energetic playtime. What will be great for you parents, is they’ll soon be worn out and tired after a crazy day in the playhouse.

If you are looking for a cabin to used for a children’s playhouse for your Easter activities, then why not try the Terminator Pent Log Cabin 4m x 3m.

Log cabins can also be used for a cinema room and arts and craft studios. If you have little ones who love playing with their friends, or have a creative mind to paint, create and make, why not let their imagination thrive and get them all set up!

top Easter ideas for kids  popular Easter ideas for kids

Kids are always curious, maybe a little too much, leading you down some awkward situations! But kids are sometimes curious when it comes to gardening. A log cabin is a great spot for them to store all their little supplies. They can use the space to plant indoor seeds, pot plants and more!

Your child can plant all types of veg inside your log cabin, such as: Cress, Spinach, Lettuce, Kale and much more!

Climbing Frames – Jungle Gyms

Getting kids outside can be tough nowadays with all the technology they have; phones, iPads, games consoles. But it is beneficial for all kids to get out and about every so often. If you are struggling with ideas, one of our wooden climbing frames would the perfect addition to your garden, for the Easter half term!

Of course, climbing frames are for active play, like climbing, swinging, and sliding. All are great ways for kids to burn off energy and develop their key motor skills. All our wooden climbing frames are sturdy and durable, making them an excellent choice for your kids to have friends over for play time.

Climbing frames are a great way for kids to have fun but can also be a great tool for outdoor learning. Kids can learn about the natural world around them, exploring their surroundings, learning about plants and insects that live in their back garden. Why not add some personalisation to their play system? We have a great range of paint that would be perfectly vibrant to add to the climbing frame.

Climbing frames for kids this easter   Climbing frames for kids this easter half term

Our climbing frames are fully pressure treated. Additionally we offer a guarantee for 10 years against rot and insect infestation. So whilst you don’t need to paint your climbing frame, you may want to add some personal touches. Buy with peace of mind as the paint we provide is child friendly as well as pet, plant, and bee friendly!

A great Easter treat for the kids!

Social Development

A child’s social life is extremely important in their overall development. Having their friends over to play on a climbing frame will teach them how to cooperate and communicate with each other. This can be common skills like taking turns, taking care, and building confidence.

At Dunster House, we offer all kinds of log cabins, garden offices and summer houses at affordable prices. We are sure you will find the perfect match, at the right price, to satisfy you, and your little ones.

Take a look at our log cabins or climbing frames and you’ll see why we’ve already sold millions of products to people in the UK.


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