Transform a Log Cabin into the Perfect Playroom

Struggling to get your children to focus and study whilst schools are closed for nearly six months? During this difficult time it is hard to maintain your child’s education, entertain them and keep them healthy.

Many schools across the country are digitally connecting with parents to keep their children up to date with the curriculum, in preparation for when they return in the new academic year. However, trying to get children to focus for an hour or so whilst you try and juggle other chores can be a challenge in itself.

Creating a space where you and your little ones can escape from the world, without any digital distractions, toys and games can really help them concentrate better. Understandably, it may not be as easy to do this inside your home as all the rooms have been assigned for other purposes.

A garden room maybe something to consider…

With log cabins in all shapes and sizes, you can give your little ones a dedicated room where they can play, be creative and learn! All log cabins come as a complete blank canvas, so you can design it according to your child’s needs. Depending on what they are studying at school, you can create visually appealing activities that they can do, without them realising they are learning.

A mini school at the bottom of your garden is also a long term investment that you can use year on year, even when they are back to school.

Need a little inspiration…

Our 5 Design Tips

Dedicated Areas 

Sectioning out the cabin into little areas is a great way to stop them from getting bored. For example, you can have:

  • Painting
  • Cosy Reading
  • Fun Play
  • Creative Thoughts

Log Cabin Playroom

Furniture and Accessories 

Add colourful pieces of furniture and accessories for their working stations. A mini table and chair set can be useful for when they need to focus a little more. Using draws, shelving and cabinets will keep everything organised.


Put little personal touches in the log cabin, by using their initials or name as part of the display. It is a nice way of giving them a sense of ownership. Also, having a blank canvas can mean you can adapt to the interior of the cabin according to the learning style of your child.

Wall Displays  

Stick up visually appealing displays on the walls, so they enter the room feeling excited by the colour and design. Alternatively, your child can help you design the inside of the cabin too. For example, a rainbow wall that will support them in learning their colours.

Log Cabin Playroom, School Classroom

Make it FUN!

The main aim in creating a mini school/activity room for your little ones is to ensure they are constantly learning. Make this space as fun as possible, that they will never want to leave!

Give your little ones every reason to want to learn more everyday! Adding an extra room into your garden may be the solution to support your child’s educational needs in fun and creative ways!


Require More Information or Inspiration?


Require More Information or Inspiration?