Turn your Log Cabin into a Man Cave or She Shed

Log Cabin Man Caves, She Sheds, Home Cinemas. We have seen our Log Cabins turned into a variety of different things, but they all mean the same thing; a safe haven. A garden building where you can escape from the day to day stresses of work and domestic chores to unwind with friends, family or alone. A space to watch sports, have a drink, disappear into your favourite music, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet. We talk you through the basic staples of turning your garden Log Cabin into a Man Cave or She Shed.

Pick your cabin

The first step is to pick your Log Cabin. Our range of Log Cabins feature all different shapes and sizes, perhaps you want a traditional style such as our Avon or Severn cabin. You can use the side filters on our website to help you decide, or talk to our sales team. Or, if size is an issue, you could opt for a corner cabin like the DaftBadger. Make sure that you take the time to research internal measurements to make sure it will fit everything in that you need it to (perhaps, even a corner bar).

Jo Sullivan chose a large Log Cabin Man CaveWhile Tina Janney chose a small Log Cabin Man Cave

When you are looking for your Log Cabin, size is not all you have to think about. You want to make sure that it is made out of a long lasting material, a wood such as slow grown spruce. Slow grown spruce is a denser material so is more resistant to blue mould or water damage then other woods such as pine. You want to make sure that your Log Cabin remains strong over time, so you don’t waste all of your interior design work.

Get prepared

After looking through our website, or having a chat with our sales team, your Log Cabin will be on your way from one of our distribution centres. Our Log Cabins require you to build them yourself so it would be a great idea to reserve some time so you can build your Log Cabin as quickly as possible.

When you first buy your Log Cabin, you will be invited into the customer portal where you can find our downloadable manual. Take your time to read this manual before the Log Cabin arrives. We will provide all the fixings you need to build your cabin, so all you need to do is make sure you have any of the tools you need such as a spirit level (this is essential).

Once you have built your Log Cabin, you need to make sure you treat it. We don’t treat our Log Cabins prior to delivering it to you so you can choose a Log Cabin that stands out in your garden. We do sell treatment in a variety of different colours, in both Premium and Premium Plus so you won’t have to go searching in shops for the right one.

Decide what you want to use it for

Once you’ve made sure the Log Cabin is made from high quality materials, and it is the right size for your garden, you need to work out how you want to use your cabin. Are you looking for a place where you can sit back and watch movies with your friends and family? Do you want to turn your Log Cabin into the best bar in town, complete with pool tables and functioning bar or do you want it to be a quiet utopia?

Sam Bailey's Log Cabin Man Cave has room for the whole family to enjoy

It is important to think long term when you are planning how to use your Log Cabin. If you are planning to use your Log Cabin or Summerhouse for multiple reasons, which we hope you do, then you need to look into storage options for your garden equipment, tools and anything else you need to store. You could look into adding a shed to your garden but this will take up additional garden room.

The vast majority of our Log Cabin range come with the option to add a SideStore. Made with the same heavy duty interlocking timber as the rest of our products, this attaches to the Log Cabin and has a single locking door to keep all of your equipment safe when inside. Ideal for storing tools, gardening equipment, garden furniture, or outdoor toys. Due to the SideStore being made from the same slow grown spruce as the rest of the Log Cabin, it can be treated with the same treatment. This helps with the aesthetics of the garden, helping it stand out for all the right reasons.

Decorate your cabin

With a theme in mind, it is time to start decorating your cabin. We recommend you treat your Log Cabin before you use it, even for the first time. This will help protect your Log Cabin against the varied elements that the British weather can throw at it. If you don’t treat your Log Cabin, it will deteriorate as the moisture enters the grain of the spruce.  Read more about how to maintain your Log Cabin.

With your interior decoration, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. A personalised plaque for the top of your bar, stocked only with your favourite drink, add the ideal gaming chair for you to sink into when you will be gaming for hours, or something as seemingly simple as picking out the right chair to sink into after a hard day’s work.

Have a look online to find the right type of furniture, décor and everything you need to make it your own personal space. Look at our social media pages, as well as our customer stories section on the blog, to find inspiration for your Log Cabin.

We love seeing what you turn our Log Cabins into, and am sure our future customers would like to see them too. Make sure you share your images with our marketing team by emailing [email protected], by tagging us in social media or leaving a review on TrustPilot to let others know about your customer journey.


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