What are the Features of a Dunster House Garden Office


We have a wide range of Garden Offices available that are perfect for if you work from home or want to set up your own business. Our products are designed just for us in-house by our own team of designers, so are full of many unique features. Read on to learn more about what the features of a Dunster House Garden Office are, and why you need one.

What are the Features of a Dunster House Garden Office - Work from home

Advantages Of A Garden Office

Hybrid work and working from home are both continuous evolving trends, and it is easy to see why, with the advantages of convenience and flexibility. Not having to commute saves you time, and money on fuel. There are no stresses and hassles of traffic jams or iced windscreens to delay and make you late. Plus, it benefits the environment as less car journeys means cutting your carbon emissions.

But of course, you need an appropriate space to work in. It may be too cramped to fit a desk somewhere inside the house, as you might not have a spare room for a study, or want a computer sat in the corner of the living room. A garden office is the ideal solution, as it gives you a designated workplace. Now you can use the dining table for eating again – what it’s meant for – instead of work.

Working in a separate building out in the garden keeps you away from distractions inside the house, and prevents important meetings from being interrupted. It allows you to keep the house tidy and in order without documents and paperwork lying around. This keeps your private files safely away from any prying eyes or children’s scribbling crayons.

But the best thing about having an office that’s detached from the house is that it means you’re still able to walk away and shut off at the end of the day. A garden office is great for maintaining a healthy balance between your business and personal life.

So now we’ve talked about the benefits of having a garden office in general, here’s why you should choose one from Dunster House.

Hard Wearing Low Maintenance Garden Office

The materials we use to make our garden offices are hardwearing and low maintenance, giving you a strong and long lasting building with minimum upkeep.

Our Contemporary Garden Offices have Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) on the external walls. This material has the combined benefits of both plastic and timber, making it ideal for use in your garden. WPC is moisture resistant and resists decay so will last the test of time.

Our Paddington Garden Offices have an aesthetically pleasing finish. Their attractive groove effect walls and slate effect roof are a unique design feature that you won’t find anywhere else. Both the walls and roof are made with an outer layer of WPC, making it durable, water resistant and easy to maintain.

Our other contemporary garden offices have an attractive grooved finish on their exterior walls, and come with roof felt included. This highly durable roof covering is made of thick material with a formula that makes it resistant to tearing in strong winds. It provides your building with added protection from the elements.

Our Pressure Treated Timber Garden Offices are well protected, and come with a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation. Pressure treating is an extensive process where the preservative is forced deep into the timber and moisture is removed. This means the treatment goes throughout the timber and is not just stained or dip treated, where it only coats the surface. As the wood is pressure treated it means you don’t need to paint it every year to preserve it. Though we do recommend applying a good quality water repellent to aid longevity.

The advanced IzoPanel roofing system on our pressure treated garden offices comes with a stiff polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core for good thermal insulation. The tight roof joints and overlapping cladding create a strong bond that prevents water ingress. The material of the roof surface is also easy to clean.

All of our garden offices come with pressure treated floor bearers to protect the building’s foundations, as this is the part in contact with the cold damp ground. The floor bearers provide a solid base for your garden office, and are protected from fungal decay and insects for up to 10 years. Beware of other companies who supply the wood untreated, as this will quickly deteriorate.

Below is showing our Paddington INSULATED Groove Effect Garden Office and our Titania INSULATED Garden Office.

What are the Features of a Dunster House Garden Office- Pressure Treated Timber Office

Fully Insulated Garden Office

Our purpose designed garden offices are fully insulated with energy efficient polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation. The walls, floor and roof are all supplied as insulated sandwich panels.

Polyisocyanurate is one of the best insulators around, and far superior to alternatives such as rock wool, polystyrene and bubble wrap. It is known for its great insulative properties as it has good thermal efficiency due to a low conductivity rate.

Insulation ensures you can use your garden room all year round. It helps to maintain the temperature inside, so any heat generated will be kept in. On the reverse side, it will help keep out the warmth from the sun when you need it to be cooler inside. This means you can create a comfortable working environment inside whatever the weather outside.

Garden Office Interior Finish

The pressure treated wooden offices in our range come with gypsum fibreboard on the internal wall layer, which is a fire-resistant material. This is also a good surface for paint and is easy to wallpaper. It comes unpainted for you to decorate to your own style.

The inner walls of our WPC offices are made from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) that is ready to paint to your own colour scheme. The grooves on the walls give a nice finishing touch to the look of your office interior.

Our garden offices have water resistant flooring with moisture control in place. The sandwich panels consist of layers of rot resistant WPC, PIR insulation to prevent heat loss, and hard wearing MR P5 Particle Board.

Secure uPVC Windows and Doors

Dunster House garden offices come with uPVC windows and doors that are made to the same high standards as you would find in a house, to ensure safety and security. The domestic style windows and doors all come with gasket seals to hold the glass firmly in place, preventing draughts and making them watertight.

The range includes wide opening French doors, sliding patio doors, single doors and side panels, depending on which model you choose. Large windows and doors let in an abundance of natural light, or fresh breeze when opened. Choose either classic white colour or a wood effect anthracite grey exterior finish.

We fit our windows and doors with 28mm double glazing as standard, made using toughened glass. The sealed units comply with BS EN 1279 standards, covering the requirements for thermal and sound insulation. This helps in maintaining an ambient temperature for your work environment and minimises disruption from outside noise. The double glazed units are also independently tested to ensure no build-up of condensation between the panes of glass.

Our industry leading garden office windows and doors feature multi-point locking systems for high security. This ensures you can keep valuable equipment and computers safely locked away. Depending on the model, locks include combinations of shoot bolts, hook bolts, mushroom headed espagnolettes, latches, and 6-pin euro cylinders. All windows and doors have secure key locking handles, and doors are reinforced with a 5 chamber profile.

Easy to Assemble Garden Office

Our products are supplied as DIY kits with full pictorial instructions. The panel system of our garden offices makes them easy to install, as the walls, floor and roof come in pre-built sandwich panels. All fixings needed for construction are also included, so you can get on and build. Although assembly time may vary depending on your ability, experience and the build conditions.

Avoid Planning Permission

The majority of our garden buildings, including our offices, are under 2.5m high so they can come under permitted development rights. This means you are able to place the building within 2m of your property’s boundary, and it typically won’t need any planning permission. Although it may be worth checking with your local authority or council if you are in any doubt, in case there are any restrictions in your specific area.

Now you know all about the features of a Dunster House Garden Office, take a look through our website to view the full range of Garden Offices available, ideal for your home working or business needs. Alternatively, our garden buildings are versatile rooms that can be used for many different purposes. They could create the space for a home gym, cinema room, workshop or den for the children. We offer a wide variety of sizes and designs.

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