What Is Pressure Treatment

You will see, and hear us mention our pressure treated timber frequently. This is because we believe that this is the best type of treatment for your timber. It is easy to get confused amongst the technical jargon used by other companies, and not truly understand what you are purchasing. As a company, we strive to abolish this way of selling and want to be as transparent as possible with all aspects of our products.


The process

pressure treatment tank

Our timber is pre-cut and placed on a pallet. We pre-cut the timber to ensure that the individual pieces get treated evenly, and there is little wastage, unlike some of our competitors.

Once the timber is on the pallet, we place it inside the chamber of the pressure treatment plant. The chamber then fills with non-toxic, arsenic free, Copper Chrome preservative which has high pressure applied to it. This is to force the preservative deep within the timber, extending its life and helping to protect it against rot and insect infestation which can occur when the wood is exposed to moisture, soil, and other elements. Pressure treated wood is used for all our garden structures and the bearers of our buildings to prolong life helping you get the most out of your item. Why settle for less, when you can have a Dunster!

By treating the timber ourselves, instead of buying it from suppliers, means we can cut down on expenditure. We do not have to wait for suppliers to provide us with the goods and face excuses, breakdowns or manufacture shortages. This means we can not only save you money by keeping the production costs low, but we can get the product to you quicker.

It’s also important to note that pressure-treated wood can come in different grades and types but rest assured, all our pressure treated timber comes with a 10 year guarantee as standard.

Advantages of pressure treating wood

The advantages of pressure treated timber are vast. As mentioned above, the process of pressure treating timber ensures that you are protected against rot and infestation. We are so sure of this that we provide you with a 10-year guarantee on all pressure treated timber products such as floor bearers and climbing frames.

We are going to use our climbing frame as an example of how our pressure treated timber saves you time and money. Some of our competitors offer cheaper products than we do, but this is what it is, simply cheaper. Some will provide you with stained or dipped timber. This is not the same thing as pressure treated and does not offer you as much protection as our product.

Hidden costs that can be avoided

If you choose to purchase a product that is not pressure treated, you will be required to treat it yourself. These hidden costs soon add up. If the finance is not a deterrent, then the time-consuming task of treating it will be.

You will need to give up three days of your time to treat the product. This is not as simple as painting the exterior of the climbing frame, but rather you have to deconstruct the whole climbing frame and paint each individual panel three times and allow drying time –every year! With our pressure treated products, you may spend one weekend building it but then you do have little if any, maintenance for 10 years.

As briefly mentioned above, our products can be more expensive than many of our competitors. This is due to the treatment we offer and the quality of our products. Although you would pay more upfront, by not having to treat your bearers or climbing frames for 10 years, you will save money. Having a look online at treatments, the majority of them have a starting price of £25. If you multiply this by 10, as you have to treat annually, the costs soon start to add up. By treating your climbing frame, we save you a minimum of £250.


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