Why your garden NEEDS a Dads Pressure Treated Wooden Shed


One of the positives of spending more time at home is many people have taken up gardening, finally having the time to turn their garden into the spaces they’ve always wanted. This normally results in more things to store such as lawnmowers, pots, gardening tools and equipment. With the unpredictable nature of UK weather, you don’t want to leave them outside where they will rot or weaken over time. That is exactly why your garden needs a Dads Pressure Treated Shed.

The defining feature of our Dad’s garden sheds is the pent roof. This single sloped roof is ideal for maximizing the storage capabilities inside. The larger items that are used more commonly within gardening; rakes, spades, lawnmowers and long handled equipment can go at the forefront where the highest point of the roof is whereas smaller items such as pots, containers and seasonal garden toys can go towards the back. This range of sheds may look small but they are ideal for a whole host of garden storage needs.

If you have a garden that you feel wouldn’t suit a traditional square shed and would prefer something a little more compact, we have the Dad Corner Shed. At 2.5m x 2.5m (approx), it is the same space as our Dad Pent Shed II meaning planning permission will still not be an issue.

This wooden shed is ideal for tucking in the corner of your garden. The double doors open outward maximising the available space inside the shed – perfect for storing the kids bikes or fitting in that workbench. These doors are fitted with zinc plated hasp and clasps which are ideal for securing your shed, all you need to add is a padlock for added security.

Pressure Treated Pent Shed

The corner shed also features two windows instead of one, both of which are our 4mm toughened glass, but allows the sunlight to stream through the windows and fill the shed with natural light. This makes it easier to find things you’ve placed at the back of the shed rather than stumbling around in the dark.

Whether you choose a pent shed or corner shed, it won’t be long before you are storing a whole variety of equipment, tools and other bits and bobs, we understand that security would be a concern for you. Our Pent Shed comes with internally beaded windows. This means that the beading is fitted to the inside, preventing anyone from removing the glass from the outside.

The glass itself is 4mm toughened glass which, whilst it doesn’t make your shed absolutely impenetrable, it makes it much, much more difficult for an intruder to get into it. If you want to see how our glass withstands against others available on the market today including 3mm horticultural glass, watch our video.

By using glass instead of Perspex or styrene, we make our windows easier to keep clean as they are more resistant to scratches and that cloudy effect you can get from using sponges. This allows more natural light into your shed – a must have if you are using it as a workstation, man cave or potting shed.

We know that most people like their sheds to sit neatly in the corner of the garden, leaving more open space to utilise. Even our largest Dad Pent Shed, which is W3m x D2.5m (approx), is no higher than 2.5m.

Dads Heavy Duty Pent Shed

This is vital as it allows you to place it where you want in your garden without having to leave a 2m gap between your shed and the fence, wall etc. This gives you free range of where you want to place it, allowing you to spruce up that long forgotten corner of your garden easily.

A strong building starts with its foundations, and our Wooden Sheds are no exception to this. The sheds, as with all our Garden Buildings, come with pressure treated bearers at no extra cost. By pressure treating the bearers, we force the treatment deep into the timber which really adds to the amount of protection it has against decay or insect infestation – we are so sure of this that they come with a 10 year guarantee*.

All of the timber used throughout our garden buildings, is pressure treated providing you with the same level of protection. Although we do recommend adding a coat of water repellent to help give your structure extra protection against heavy rainfall and unpredictable weather conditions.

Some of our competitors charge extra for their shed bases but not us, ours come with 10mm MFP roofing and flooring included meaning you there are no hidden costs when you order from us. To further weatherproof your Garden Building we also throw in the Superfelt as standard. Fit this extra thick felt to your roof to add an extra layer of waterproofing to it.

We always advise putting your shed on a concrete base but appreciate not everyone has, or wants, a fully concrete garden. This is why our sheds come with the options of adding #RapidGrids.

These are a cost effective alternative to laying concrete in your garden, they are also more environmentally friendly as they will not damage the surrounding grass like concrete would. The ‘grids’ interlock into one another like a jigsaw, laying on top of a weed control membrane. They are less time consuming to install then concrete, and probably cost a lot less too.

Overall, wooden sheds are much more stylish compared to plastic sheds because of their aesthetics and customisation. Any wooden design offers a more natural look, is much more visually appealing. They can blend well with the surrounding area, especially in garden or rustic settings.

Plastic sheds are not customisable. This means you cannot paint, stain, or varnish them to suit your taste like you can with a wooden shed.

Why not call our sales team who will be happy to discuss various garden buildings and foundations with you and help pick out the best one for your garden. With a range of log cabins, summer houses, garden offices, climbing frames, garages, garden sheds and more!

*terms and conditions apply, our sales team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this.


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