Advantages of Wooden Garages


If your looking for a garage with a touch of natural beauty, a rustic look and an overall authentic style, a wooden garage may be the perfect choice for you. These structures offer a charming aesthetic that is difficult to match, and they can be much easier to maintain compared to metal garages. Additionally, wooden garages tend to require less maintenance, which translates into lower costs and time spent for garage maintenance.

Unlike steel garages, wooden structures don’t need yearly maintenance for paint, meaning you can avoid dealing with flakes of paint before applying new coats. When searching for the new best garage for your needs, be sure to consider the many benefits of wooden garages.

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Why Use a Garage

The main use of a garage is as a place to park your car or motor vehicle overnight or when it is not in use. This gives you reassurance that it is securely locked away out of sight and free from potential theft or vandalism. In turn, this can help to reduce your insurance premiums.

Keeping a vehicle inside a garage also means it is protected from the elements. This can be particularly beneficial on cold winter days as it means you will not have to spend time scraping ice off the windscreen in the morning, especially handy if you are running late.

A garage does not have to be just for cars though, it is a highly practical outdoor building, open to a number of other uses. It would be ideal for adding outdoor storage space for garden furniture, bikes, a lawn mower, gardening equipment, outdoor toys etc. Putting these items inside a garage will mean they remain covered so are dry and safe. No one wants their tools to become rusty from being left outdoors.

Garages make the perfect buildings for use as a workshop. It gives you plenty of space for working on your car, doing DIY projects or carpentry jobs whilst staying covered and out of the inclement weather. The wide door opening enables you to easily move large items or machinery in and out.

If you have the room for it, a double wooden garage would be great, as they allow you to provide shelter for more than one thing. Maybe you have a second vehicle to protect, are preserving a classic car or own a motorbike. It could also have a dual purpose as it gives you space for your vehicle, and also room for a separate workshop or storage area without crowding the car.

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Why Choose Wooden Garages

When it comes to constructing a building for the purpose of a garage, there are a number of different materials that can be used. Options include brick, concrete, metal or wood. One of the best materials to use is timber, and here we will explain why wooden garages are much better than alternatives.

The first thing to note, is that using wood generally results in a more attractive building. This is because it is a natural material that will blend well into the outdoor environment. There is no reason why your garage can’t be a beautiful focal point or stand out feature. Wooden garages can do the job they are intended to do and look good too.

One of the main benefits of opting for wood is that it is a more affordable choice than alternatives such as a brick garage, which is often very costly to build. A wooden garage kit can be a DIY project that you can erect yourself, whilst brick buildings need specialised skills to ensure they are built correctly and are structurally sound.

Another advantage of choosing wooden garages is that timber buildings tend to be drier inside. This is because the properties of timber mean it does not produce as much condensation inside the building like other materials do. As a result, it helps to prevent a damp interior, helping to keep your belongings dry.

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Dunster House offer a wide range of high quality wooden garages and garden buildings. They are available in a number of different sizes and designs, ranging from single garages to double garages, and carports. Styles include pressure treated timber buildings constructed with panels, and log cabin garages with individual interlocking logs.

Features of Pressure Treated Wooden Garages

Our pressure treated timber garages come with a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation. We can confidently offer this due to the lengthy pressure treating process that the wood has gone through. Preservative is penetrated deep into the timber and any moisture is removed. This means the timber is protected all the way through and does not just have the treatment dipped or coated on the exterior surface.

All of the wood that is used to construct one of these timber framed garages is fully pressure treated. This results in a building that will last a long time with little maintenance. There is no need to repeatedly paint and treat it each year. (Application of a good quality water repellent will help prolong the timber’s life).

These wooden garages are constructed with a heavy duty framework. The solid structure has thick chunky upright posts made using engineered laminated timber. This provides a strong post that is less likely to shrink, swell or twist. Interlocking cladding creates a watertight bond and an attractive appearance. The roof is made from sturdy 19mm thick tongue and groove roof boards.

Barn style garage doors are included with all our wooden garages, and not an additional cost. These feature substantial strap hinges that are bolted through both the door and the frame to ensure they are secure as the door cannot be easily removed.

Pressure Treated Wooden Garages Outdoor Building

Features of Log Cabin Wooden Garages

Our log cabin style garage kits feature 45mm interlocking log walls for a sturdy and attractive finish to your outdoor building. The 19mm thick tongue and groove roof and heavy duty roof beams provide stability. Storm braces are supplied to help hold the garage together through the elements. They are adjustable to allow for any movement as the cabin logs settle over time.

Barn style double doors are included as standard with our log cabin wooden garages, and a single door can be found on the side for separate access. Robust strap hinges are bolted through the garage doors and framework to ensure security.

Our log garages are double glazed and come with real glass in the side door and window, not plastic. The glazing we use is toughened glass. This means it does not scratch or break as easily as the styrene or horticultural glass you typically find in garden buildings. If it does manage to break, this type of glass is safer as it crumbles rather than shatter into big shards with dangerous sharp edges.

The single door features a domestic style lock with a 4-point locking system, and the window has multi-point locking and a key locking handle. This gives you a much more secure building than others supply, and is far superior to the stay arms typically found on the windows of a lot of garden buildings.

To ensure that the lower aspects of the building are protected, we supply pressure treated perimeter bearers at no extra cost. This means that the only part of the garage in contact with the cold damp ground has thorough protection against damage from rot and insects.

We also include vents with our log garages, something that not many others will provide you with. This allows air flow inside the building, further helping to prevent the chance of any condensation. The vents feature a mesh flyscreen on the inside to keep out bugs.

Log Cabin Wooden Garages Outdoor Building

If you are in need of extra storage space, a workshop area or somewhere to park your vehicle, then take a look at our full range of Wooden Garages and Car Ports.


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