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21 December 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

A Crafter’s Paradise

severn log cabin interior ideas - craft room

Sharon Long turned our Severn Log Cabin W5m x D5m into the perfect space for her blossoming crafts hobby. Sharon’s choice of delicate pastel colours and clever use of storage, created a room that is both attractive and functional.


Space for a Growing Crafting Habit

Sharon decided to purchase a log cabin, as she needed both an escape and extra space to practise her crafting hobby. “The reason for purchasing my Dunster House log cabin was that I live in a very small house and my crafting habit was growing… also, I needed to have a space where I could escape from the pressures of looking after my son, when the carers were looking after him.”


Choosing a Dunster House log cabin

After unsuccessfully visiting some other companies, it was love at first sight when Sharon finally viewed a Dunster House cabin.

“When I decided on a log cabin, I did some research online and then went round all the places locally. I thought that some would not be warm in the winter and some were really expensive, so I went back online, looked around and came across your website,” said Sharon.

“I then decided that after my son’s appointment at Stoke Mandeville Spinal Hospital, as I was in Bedfordshire, I would take a look at your cabins. One look was all it took – I fell in love with them. Over the next few days, I made my mind up as to which one would fit and ordered it online.”
Sharon’s experience of the Dunster House team only heightened her conviction that she had made the right choice, describing us as “wonderful.”


A gradual design process

A Crafter's Paradise log cabin case study

The initial construction of the cabin took place in just a few days. “It was delivered just after 12 and was up apart from the roof by 6pm. It was completely finished within 4 days and that was including painting it.”

However, the design of the interior was a more gradual process. “That has been a work in progress”, said Sharon of the interior. “It started with the Ikea shelving and tables. Then new tables to match the new oak furniture were purchased last year and have been put in place. Now it’s the most perfect cabin in the world.”

“When I first got my cabin I just bought a few bits and worked up to how it looks today – so I did not visualise it looking like it does, but I’m very pleased with it now.”


The perfect space

Taking her time with the design has certainly been worth it, ensuring that Sharon has got the perfect space she wanted. “Everyone who sees it loves it. All my crafting friends are very envious. The best comment I have had is from my brother – his face was a picture when he was told to go and look at it. He said, “What do I want to go and look at an old shed for?”

“Showing it off has been the highlight and it has brought your company many customers – three of my friends have all purchased their cabins from you for their craft rooms too!”

For Sharon, there is nothing that she doesn’t love about the finished product. “There is not a favourite. I love the cabin, the decoration and the peace away from the house.”

When asked if she would buy from Dunster again, Sharon replied: “Yes, I would. I’ve already bought a shed from you last year, and the guy that dropped that off looked at my cabin and said he doesn’t get to see many cabins when they’re all finished, and did say that he thought it was fabulous.”