21 December 2023 - Gazebos

Choosing a Superior Quality Gazebo

3x3 leviathan wooden garden gazebo with curtains

David Valentine is a firefighter, living in Hereford with his wife Pam, who is a care worker. They have one foster child and six grandchildren from two sons both of them already married. The happy couple is delighted with their new stylish and attractive Leviathan Open Gazebo measuring W3.0m x D3.0m.

This is their story…


Top Quality and Good Looking

David and Pam’s main reasons to buy a Gazebo are basically due to the need of creating an attractive and comfy outdoor area to entertain friends and family.

After several bad experiences with other Gazebos, the couple finally decided to invest in something more robust, solid and durable. “We have had many cheap gazebos over the years but the canopy always fades and is not rainproof.”

The main features David was looking for in his new Gazebo were numerous: “Rainproof, quality, good looking structure with a nice roof and chunky legs.” As David later explained us the chunky legs give the building an overall appearance of a more expensive item.


a dunster house gazebo


Choosing a Dunster House product

After spending an enormous amount of time endlessly searching for a good product, David finally came across our company’s website and was extremely pleased with the quality and good value for money of our products.

“We tried numerous other companies before choosing Dunster House, but the main reason we chose Dunster was because of the style, the quality and the price.” Not only was David satisfied with the superiority of the products he was later also overjoyed with the quality of the service provided. “Very pleased with everything from the ordering to delivery and through to the finished product.”


The Building Process

Although he was ready to build the Gazebo on his own, David changed his mind when he saw the amount of work he had to face, so he got some help.

“I am afraid when the gazebo arrived I took one look at all the pieces and asked my builders who were installing our new patio if they would put it together. It took them a full day plus a few hours the next day due to shingle roof and extras like guttering.”

When asked if he already had a design in mind for the space before the project started. David’s answer was short and sweet. “Yes and this was it!” In David’s opinion the main benefit of the finished project is the opportunity to take the living space outside into the garden.


high quality 3x3 garden gazebos


Everyone loves it

When asked about other people’s comments and their reactions, David was absolutely delighted, “Everybody has loved our gazebo and asked where did we get it and how much did it cost, and ‘Oh I love this, I want one’ has been the norm.”

David’s plans to improve that particular part of the garden and enhance their outdoor living area did not stop here. As he explained “We are waiting on a garden bar to be delivered next.”

And would he buy from Dunster House again and consider recommending the company to family and friends? “Yes we can definitely recommend Dunster House and we would certainly use them again.”