27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Ian’s Corner Garden Bar

Ian’s Corner Garden Bar

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Ian and his family really missed being able to go watch football matches down at the pub, so decided to build their own corner garden bar. With the addition of a log cabin, the garden is completely transformed, bringing the local to their own home.


Corner Garden Bar - Dunster House DaftBadger Log Cabin


Building a Log Cabin

Ian and his wife are social creatures, often hosting get togethers at their house and enjoying nights out at the pub. The initial idea of an entertainment space came from Ian’s wife, who wanted to do something more with the garden. They eventually took the opportunity during lockdown while hospitality venues were closed.

Following extensive research, and persuasion from his wife, Ian settled on the DaftBadger Log Cabin. At 4m x 3m, it is the perfect size to fit his garden. The corner log cabin design works well with the space he has too, making it the ideal choice.

The whole garden has been renovated by building the log cabin and laying a new patio, so they could make better use of their outdoor space. An unused lawn and patio area have been turned into an area for entertaining.

The first part of the project involved laying a level concrete base to build on. Once that was ready, Ian constructed the log cabin himself with help from his brother-in-law and his son, finding it a fun experience. The cabin was easy to assemble with the pieces all fitting nicely together. Ian couldn’t be happier with the end result and is pleased by the high quality of the product. Everyone who has seen the garden cabin expresses how impressed they are.

Creating a Corner Garden Bar

The main feature in the log cabin is the bar, which stands in the corner of the room. The bar is complete with optics and a fridge to store refreshments. What’s more, a log barrel table and matching stools add to the authentic pub feel inside the garden room, giving the desired effect.

The log cabin is split into two halves, with the garden bar area on one side. Meanwhile, furnishing the other is some comfy rattan furniture, creating a lounge area. On the wall is the all-important TV for watching sports, which can be viewed from both the bar area and the soft seating area. The primary reason for the bar was to have somewhere to watch sport, an intention that has been fully fulfilled. The log cabin is a place to chill out, watch television, and have a drink or two.

As well as the pub atmosphere, the bar also has a sports feel, with memorabilia on the walls. This includes a signed football, old programmes, a signed cricket bat, and a tennis racket. There’s something for everyone in there as Ian, his wife, and their two sons, are all sports fanatics.


Corner Garden Bar Pub Shed Log Cabin

Corner Garden Bar Seating Area


More Usable Garden Space

Ian uses his outdoor garden bar most weekends, watching sports and grabbing a beer. The idea is to share the experience with friends and family as well, so they can all get together and watch big sporting events like the Euros.

The corner cabin, aptly named The Badger, has given the family more usable space in the garden. Lights decorate the outside, while the exterior remains in its natural wood colouring. Further future plans involve adding new garden furniture to relax outside in the summer, creating a pub garden. Ian can’t wait to invite everyone over and build some happy memories.

View the video below to see Ian’s garden transformation and take a tour of his corner garden bar.



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