26 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Helen’s Garden Arts and Craft Cabin

Helens Garden Arts and Craft Cabin

Helen turned her love of sewing into a business, utilising the space in her large garden to build an arts and craft cabin.

Helen's Garden Arts and Craft Cabin - Dunster House Modetro Grande 8.5m x 3.5m Log Cabin

The Need for a Craft Cabin

Helen lives in South Wales with her husband, and their two grown up sons who are on the verge of leaving home. She came to a point in her life where she had the time to expand her side-line hobby into more of a business venture. Having outgrown her sewing studio in the house, her large garden provided plenty of space to build a log cabin to set up her own business premises. Helen decided on the Modetro Grande 8.5m x 3.5m, a large log cabin with an extension.

Building a Log Cabin

Helen chose to use a log cabin for her business as it is a cost effective option. But also because it looks attractive too. She was keen to maintain the aesthetics of the garden and not detract from the beauty of nature. The natural materials of a wooden building blend in perfectly with the environment and landscape of the surrounding area.

The project of building her own craft cabin has given Helen a real sense of achievement. Especially since she admits that her and her husband’s DIY experience is limited. Helen was “extremely impressed” with how the log cabin was delivered. Although on its arrival, initially felt daunted by all the pieces of timber. She worried about how she would get on with the build. However, following the assembly instructions, she found the process “amazingly easy”.

The Business Setup

The garden building is fully kitted out with electricity, and features six individual work stations. It is the ideal set up for Helen to run her teaching and workshops on patchwork and quilting. Each work station has a desk, chair, power sockets and a USB point. Electricity supply was important to ensure everyone at the workshops can use a sewing machine, iron, other appliances, and charge their phones if needed as well.

Garden Arts and Craft Cabin - Log Cabin Sewing Room

By the entrance of the craft cabin is shelving for storage and a mini shop for visitors to the workshop. Inside there is also a book shelf, large work table for doing quilting, and racking to store fabrics and crafting materials. There’s even a mini kitchen area with a kettle too. Four windows and large double doors provide ample lighting and good ventilation, creating a comfortable working space. The garden studio has a nice cosy feel inside, the installation of heaters ensuring a usable space all year round.

A Dedicated Work Space

Helen now has a dedicated space where she can work on her designs. What’s more, being in the garden allows her to gain inspiration from the nature around her. She loves being able to leave the house to go out to work, and look out of the cabin window at her beautiful garden. It is her own private space and garden office. It enables her to run her business from home, and work as a freelance writer.

The log cabin has completely changed how Helen runs her business, and she looks forward to what more is to come in the future. The advantage of having a craft studio in the garden means Helen can run her workshops in her own premises, rather than as an employee of a shop. Having her own space has expanded how much she can design her own quilts and have them made, as well as the amount of time she has to work on them. She is now able to develop her own workshops and invest in her own business.

View the video below to take a tour of Helen’s garden arts and craft cabin.

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*Please note: This product has been discontinued since the this article was originally published.