26 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

James’ Football Mancave

James Football Mancave

Having moved to a new house in January 2020 with his partner Pamela, it was important for James to have an entertainment space in his home. He chose to use the back garden and turn it into a leisure spot for him to enjoy with his friends and family. Do you want your own pub shed or mancave? Because James definitely made his dream come true and now has a football mancave!

James football mancave - vanguard log cabin


James' Football Mancave Interior

James’ Vanguard Log Cabin

James has a reasonably sized garden. As a keen lover of the summer, BBQs, and socialising he wanted to transform that space into a year-round garden. This means the fun never has to stop! Getting the back garden all sorted was a top priority, because once that was complete James could have his garden room. He opted for the Vanguard W6m x D5m Log Cabin. It is a large, very spacious room that would easily cater to all James’ needs and wants.

The exterior of the log cabin is treated in a grey colour, which matches the colour scheme of his whole garden. The fences, and attached pergola which beautifully shelters the hot tub are painted in the same colour.

Moving on inside the log cabin, James has definitely thought of everything he needs for an awesome mancave. Along one side of the cabin he has high table stools, where he and his guests can sit with a drink. Meanwhile, up above there is a dartboard. Then beside that, there is a music jukebox, mini-fridge, and a fully stocked bar with every drink you can possibly think of. Centre stage of the football mancave there is a pool table with large comfy sofas surrounding it. Lastly, on the other side of the wall is where James has installed a TV and placed. Here he has also mounted a lot of artwork and posters of The Rangers. As a true supporter, he has a large printout of their badge on the back wall.

So much more than just a Football Mancave

Even though the mancave is dedicated to football, there is nothing to stop James from hosting family events, playing games or just relaxing over the weekend.

James said in his interview “Having the log cabin has its pros and cons. Pros being great to have family and friends around for some socialising and also party! The cons are drinking too much alcohol at times.”

James let us go and have a look around his garden and football mancave. If you are interested in seeing what his cabin looks like, and how he has used the space, watch the video below. James wasn’t able to give us a personal tour, however his cabin speaks for itself!

How can you make your football mancave dream come true?

A log cabin kit is the best way to make that dream come true. Utilising the space in your garden gives that space a purpose and means you can use your garden all year-round. Creating a football mancave doesn’t mean you have to use it primarily for that. You can use the space in multiple ways, similar to how James has. Explore our huge range of log cabins, and start planning your very own mancave today.