27 September 2023 - Garden Offices

David’s Fully Insulated Garden Office

David’s Fully Insulated Garden Office

David is a contract accountant and has had his business set up for over 3 years. For the first year, he worked from a cramped spare bedroom. This worked well, until he encountered distractions such as children coming home from school, and his wife being around in the house. In order to improve productivity and gain a work-life balance, David decided to make an investment and get a fully insulated garden office. Making use of his garden space was the ideal way to create a separate and secluded place to work from home.

Building a DIY Garden Office 

David and his family installed the Helena Garden Office over a couple of days. With an incredibly large garden, they planned to place the office at the bottom, giving David a short commute to work. Once all the panels were up and the structure built, David equipped the inside with everything he needed day-to-day.

The Helena 4.5m x 2.5m Insulated Office is fully pressure treated, allowing David to leave the exterior in its natural wooden beauty. This complemented the overall structure, especially as the Helena is situated in the midst of the greenery and garden.

As David works in the office 5 days a week, it was important that his office space was cosy, airy and welcoming. A fully insulated garden room with double glazing does the job perfectly, helping to maintain the temperature inside. He has a large desk by the window of the Helena, so he can gain as much natural light as possible, but also embrace the beauty of the garden.

Across the back wall, he has a storage unit that holds all his files and business administration paperwork. Then he has put a comfortable chair on the other side, with a small table to seat his clients when they come to visit. David has utilised some of the wall space for notice boards and painted them all a mellow honeydew colour.

Life after investing in a Garden Office 

David’s working life has changed immensely since he has had the Helena Garden Office. Here is what he had to say –

“These last 12 months in my home office have been the most interesting I think. Personally, I’ve been the most relaxed I’ve ever been in terms of stress levels and things like that I have never really struggled with. I do feel that the garden environment is very relaxing, you’re always looking out at different seasons and things going on in the garden.”

To learn more about David’s fully insulated garden office, and get a better look around, watch his tour video below.



Are you working from home?

If you are using a spare bedroom as an office space or working from communal areas of your home, you might want to consider a garden office or a log cabin. Moving away from the home without renting out an office and commuting will reduce monthly expenditure.

Making a one-off investment will be beneficial for you and your own business. Whether you want to set up a traditional office, or you are starting your own beauty business or craft studio, a garden room will be the perfect facility to accommodate this.

In addition, gaining this extra space doesn’t have to just be for business purposes. You can make the garden building multifunctional by using it as a summer house in the evenings,  or a lounge space for the weekends or when hosting events.

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