27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Dean’s Garden Cinema Room

Deans Garden Cinema Room

When Dean and his family moved to their new house, it needed a lot of renovation work to get it how they wanted. The garden space they now had was much larger than at their previous property, and received a lot more sun. They decided to transform their outdoor space by building a log cabin to use as a garden cinema room and home office.


Dean's Garden Cinema Room - Dunster House Vanguard Log Cabin


Choosing a Log Cabin

The garden building originally there, a pub shed, needed pulling down as it was rotten inside and no longer fit for use. They wanted to make good use of that space for something more functional for all the family. They didn’t really need a garden bar.

After looking around at different options, Dean decided the best way to utilise the space was by buying a log cabin kit. He chose the large sized Vanguard 5.9m x 5m. The garden project was the first thing they tackled before any other building work inside the house. It made sense to start from the back of the house and work their way forward. Before building the log cabin he had a concrete base laid for it to sit on, to ensure its stability. The garden was landscaped around the new log cabin to create a pathway to it, and a sun terrace outside the front.

The family wanted to use the space to combine many things, making it the multi-functional area they needed. The idea was to design a space that all the family could enjoy. Furthermore, working in the film industry, they really wanted a home cinema where they could go to watch things. It needed to be an entertainment space that they could all enjoy together as a family.

Creating a Garden Cinema Room and Home Office

Dean, a film producer by trade, was previously renting an office while working from home. However, this was proving to be costly. They wanted, and needed, a nice space to work where they could do everything they needed. This made the log cabin an ideal solution, as it saved them money.

Inside the log cabin is an office area complete with desks, printer and computing equipment for all of Dean’s professional needs. There is a dining table for the family to eat outdoors, and a fridge and microwave for necessary cinema snacks. For the garden cinema room, there is a comfortable sofa for sitting, and most importantly a huge screen and projector. They didn’t need anything else. They now spend a lot more time out in their garden and in the log cabin. This is because they have everything there.

As the space is an office as well, the garden room gets use every day. It is fitted out with air conditioning and heating to ensure it can be used throughout the whole year. The log cabin is kept warm in the colder months, and cool during hotter times, to provide a comfortable environment to work and relax in.


Dean's Garden Cinema Room Log Cabin


Getting more use from the Outdoor Space

The family find they are using their outdoor space a lot more than they used to, as they never really went into the old garden as it was before. They are proud of their new garden and have spent time sprucing the whole area up. This includes replacing the fences and adding more plants. The aim is to make it a happy, friendly space for the whole family.

Dean says, “the family absolutely love the space”, and “the kids love running around watching the films.”

The plan is to sit and watch plenty of films together as a family, and maybe some football matches on the big screen as well. Dean wants the log cabin to be a real fun space for people to enjoy. He thinks the family will now get more use from their outdoor space, especially the garden office. He sometimes needs a base to work from for his film productions and sees the log cabin becoming the hub of what they do.

View the video below to see a tour of Dean’s log cabin, and follow his journey to creating his garden cinema room.



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