27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Danni’s Garden Music Studio

Danni’s Garden Music Studio

Vocal coach and singer Danni needed a space where she could teach, host band practice and edit music in peace and quiet. She built a log cabin especially for the needs of her business, turning it into a garden music studio.


Garden Music Studio - Dunster House 6m x 4m Terminator Pent Log Cabin

Creating a garden music studio

Danni, who lives with her partner and young son, runs a vocal coaching business from her home. Having recently moved house, the first job on the list was to create a space for Danni’s work. New to the area in Bedford, they chose to buy from a local company and opted for the 6m x 4m Terminator Log Cabin. This large sized log cabin gave Danni plenty of space for a music room, place to host band practices, a reception area for students to wait, and a garden office, all in one building.

With the help of a friend, they built the DIY log cabin kit themselves, even laying their own concrete base. The build took a couple of days and went well without any hitches. They found the process easy and were pleased with how well everything went together.

Inside the space is a sofa, TV, printer and office equipment for admin work. The teaching area is complete with a piano and mixing desk. While for band practice there is a drum kit, amps and microphones. The log cabin is also fitted with coloured lights to provide an atmosphere for when students prepare for performances. Adorning the walls of the garden room are are a variety of guitars, as a guitar teacher also uses the space.


Garden Music Studio Log Cabin Office Space


A dedicated work space

Danni’s initial worries that neighbours might complain about the noise coming from the bottom of her garden were soon laid to rest. And they didn’t even need to add any extra soundproofing. The 45mm double glazed log cabin has good natural sound insulation and cannot be heard much from outside. From inside the house, they can’t hear any noise coming from the garden music studio at all.

The garden music room is perfect for what Danni needs. It has made such a huge difference to how she can work and operate her business. She wasn’t able to do singing lessons in the house as it wouldn’t be big enough and she has a toddler and a dog running around. The garden studio provides her with a space dedicated just for her work. It doesn’t interfere with the family’s living space either. She knows it is her own private place where the dog and her child won’t enter and make a mess.

Now they have the log cabin, the next step is to finish off the rest of the garden space by maybe adding some decking and a gazebo. Although, the music studio was the main thing so there’s not much else to do.

View the video to hear Danni’s story as she takes you on a tour of her garden music studio.

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