Tim’s Garden Office Cabin

Tim’s Garden Office Cabin

During the pandemic, Tim was told by his place of work that he had to work from home, as many other companies across the country did too. Working from home has become the norm in the UK, especially after having experienced a number of lockdowns, the reduction of office costs and a better work-life balance. Are you still working from home? Are you on a flexible working contract or now completely remote? Learn how Tim’s Garden Office Cabin changed his family and working life.

Tim’s Terminator Log Cabin

Tim invested in his own garden office cabin, which he now uses as a working space and occasionally as a hobby room to play his guitar and relax. He has the Terminator Log Cabin W4m x D3m, which is a very modern contemporary style garden room due to the sloping back roof, a feature that looks good as well a provides ease during heavy rainfall.

The exterior of Tim’s garden office cabin is in the shade Mendip Mist, a soft blue tone which is lovely during the summer and also in the winter as it uplifts the dull atmosphere. The window trimmings have been treated in white, which makes them a stand out feature.


tims garden office cabin exterior


The interior of Tim’s garden building has been split into two – a work station and a lounge space. On his working side he has multiple plug points so he can connect all the devices he needs to work from, alongside all his stationery and admin requirements. When working from the office there is always a need for a coffee or two, so he has even got his own drink station, meaning he doesn’t have to leave the log cabin until his working day is complete.

On the other side of the log cabin, he has placed a cosy L-shaped sofa. He uses this during his break from work to put his feet up or sit and play his guitar. Alongside that he has some storage cabinets for books and other bits that he needs.

tims garden office cabin interior

The Background…

Tim’s garden started off with a dilapidated shed that really wasn’t offering much, and he decided it needed updating. So that corner of the garden was completely revamped, with the shed being removed, a new base being laid and then the Terminator log cabin purchase!

The Impact of the Investment

Working from home has many pros and cons. But it was massively important to Tim, especially as he has kids, to split work-life and home-life. Many people work from a spare bedroom, or from their kitchen which is a communal area of any home. Therefore, it was only right that Tim gained a work-life balance from the get-go.

In Tim’s own words he said – “Overall, really happy with the set up I have got. It has made a huge difference to my family life because we are not trying to mix living and working all under the same roof.”

He was able to gain that distance from his home without actually having to leave. Creating a divide between living and working is important and ensures you get a balance of both.

Take a tour of Tim’s garden office cabin yourself. He provides a personal tour and talks us through his creation and the benefits it is having.