26 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Allen’s Garden Photography Studio

Allen's Garden Photography Studio

Pro Exposure Photography has a garden photography studio which is their new business HQ after a rocky year during COVID-19. Studio facilities closed down and were not as availably ready as they used to be. Allen had no choice but to think of a plan B.

The reason for the investment

As most of us are aware, working from home has been implemented by many companies. And it looks like it is a working style that’s here to stay. Small businesses across the country relied on renting offices. In this case, studio space for Allen to take high quality photos. Where some make do with working from a lounge corner, a kitchen worktop or a spare bedroom, it wasn’t as easy as that for Pro Exposure. There is so much equipment, technology and space required with photography.

Allen has a small family and didn’t want to mix the two, which could potentially have an impact on his personal and business life. Therefore, with a large garden, he considered the route of a garden photography studio. It came to his realisation that he can provide a high-quality service from his garden where he can escape to work without leaving home.

Creating the Perfect Garden Photography Studio

The Terminator Log Cabin, which has been treated in a lovely blue colour and a natural wood stain inside, sits at the bottom of Allen’s garden. The overall space is empty as this allows Allen to create the perfect studio set up for that day. Pro Exposure offer a variety of services from photographing commercial projects to eCommerce products. And now with the country no longer in strict restrictions, he can go back to headshots and maternity photoshoots. For any kind of photography lighting is key. The Terminator has long windows and doors, allowing a good amount of natural light to travel in the garden room.

There is a lot more room than meets the eye in this 4m x 3m log cabin, which took Allen by surprise. In one corner of the room there is a computer where Allen can sit to complete admin work or photo touch ups. In the other corner, there is a number of lights, screens and equipment. This leaves the rest of the garden photography studio empty for setting up photoshoots.

garden photography studio inside space

Future plans for Pro Exposure Photography

Currently, Allen has one garden photography studio. However, he has plans to expand and invest in another garden room which he can turn into a kitchen for particular product photography. Allen has found working from the garden has helped him find a work-life balance. But mainly it has massively reduced costs as he doesn’t have to rent studios, travel, or get drawn into the purchase of a coffee along the way.

A couple of words from Allen himself “The log cabin has bought an awful lot to our lives. I used to have to commute to a lot of different places all around the UK. My studio spaces that I used were miles and miles away, but now I have about 150ft to walk to work.”

Come and take a look around Allen’s Garden photography studio in the video below.

Are you a business owner?

As a business owner, you want to find the perfect working station for yourself with minimal costs. Working from the garden is a great way to stay productive and motivated, as well as continuously grow the business. Paying a one-off fee for a garden office or a log cabin will provide you with more surplus cash that you can invest back into the business elsewhere. For example, equipment or a part-time employee.