27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Dan’s Garden Room Bar

Dan’s Garden Room Bar

Dan and his wife had an empty area in their garden that was not really being used for anything. They decided to transform this wasted space by building themselves a garden room bar, named Harry’s Bar. They now have the perfect garden space to enjoy.


Making Use of Wasted Space

Dan has a relatively good sized garden. The space at the bottom has served many purposes over the years, ranging from a plot for a garden shed to a play area for their daughter. Now their daughter was growing up and no longer in need of a play area, they found a better way to fill the space. With a garden room bar.

They took inspiration from some friends who have a bar in their garden, deciding it was a good idea, and something they wanted to do as well. Having experienced it at their friends’ house, they knew that a garden bar would be a fantastic addition to their home. And especially useful, given they embarked on the project during lockdown, when the pubs and bars were all closed. It was the perfect way to create an entertaining space to share with others.

Choosing a Log Cabin

After searching the internet, they found the 4m x 3m Terminator Pub Shed Log Cabin, which was exactly what they wanted. Dan’s wife took one look at it and knew it was the ideal log cabin to create their garden pub. They particularly liked the fact that this log cabin came with the bar included, making it simple to find and buy. With everything together in one package they knew their new bar would fit perfectly and match the aesthetics of the log cabin. They were happy with the design of the garden room, and it was the right size to slot right into the space they had.

The couple initially looked into the idea of converting a shed into a garden room bar. But after researching the subject, realised it would not be a sufficient building for the job. In comparison, a log cabin is more robust, better insulated and has a more attractive appearance. They thought it would be a better solution, and more suited for inviting guests over.

Creating a Garden Room Bar

Dan found the whole process smooth from start to finish. He took time to ensure the foundations and floor bearers were all level before making a start on the main build, which went up relatively quick and easy. Within two days, him and a friend, who were both novices at assembling log cabins, had the structure fully built.

Whilst it was Dan’s job to get the garden room bar built, his wife was responsible for the interior design. She had an idea in her mind for a trendy bar with a contemporary feel. She didn’t want it to look like a traditional pub. The chosen modern colour scheme is in contrasting light and dark grey.

Garden Room Bar Drinks

Garden Room Bar Tables and Chairs


More Space for Visitors

The log cabin has completely transformed Dan’s garden. It looked so good that it even spurred a bit of a makeover. The garden fence has been painted in the same colour as the log cabin, and they also have new garden furniture. They have even ordered in a new garage roof to match the colour of their garden room bar. The whole garden area now has a fantastic appearance and will come in good use. Especially when the nice weather hits.

The outdoor bar and seating area mean Dan and his wife have extra space for guests. They no longer have to try and cram everyone inside their house. The log cabin is a good size to comfortably fit them and a few friends to socialise. Meanwhile, the rest of the garden provides more space for larger parties and gatherings. The outdoor bar and newly transformed garden provide a place for everyone to all get together in a nice environment.

Watch the video below to hear Dan’s story of how he gave his garden a new lease of life by building a log cabin bar to enjoy with friends and family.



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