27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Wayne’s Garden Shed Pub

Waynes Garden Shed Pub

After losing his father, Wayne wanted to create something in memory of him. During lockdown, he decided to transform a log cabin into a garden shed pub as a tribute.


Garden Shed Pub - Avon 3m x 5m Log Cabin - Al's Bar

Garden Shed Pub Home Bar Log Cabin


Space for a Log Cabin

When Wayne and Becky undertook the task of completely renovating their garden, they were left with an unused space at the bottom. They knew this would be the ideal spot to build a log cabin. The Avon 3m x 5m was the log cabin of choice as it fitted nicely into the available space.

The original idea was for Becky to use the log cabin space as a home office, because she was working from home at the time. But when Wayne’s father, Al, sadly passed way, they decided to turn the room into a garden shed pub instead. Al’s Bar, named in honour of Wayne’s late father, was soon created.

Wayne enjoyed the experience of building his log cabin, and found the process quite easy. It is a great sense of achievement for him to see what he has built, and how well everything has come together. He knows that his dad would have been proud of what he has accomplished too.

Creating a Garden Shed Pub

Wayne had a clear idea in his mind of what he wanted from his log cabin. So it didn’t take long for him to create his traditional looking pub shed. Inside there is a dart board for some fun and games, a projector screen for watching movies, and tables and chairs to sit and have a drink. Even the dog has their own space to relax. There’s a bed set up right next to the fireplace, where they can stay warm and cosy. The main feature is the bar that stands in the corner of the garden room, which is always fully stocked with drinks. A row of stools line the bar, ready for visitors.

Garden Shed Pub Log Cabin Bar

Garden Shed Pub Log Cabin Bar Projector Screen


The finishing touches are what makes Al’s Bar extra special though. Posters and novelty signs hang throughout the garden shed pub, which bring a smile to Wayne’s face whenever he sees them. The log cabin itself is painted in a natural looking brown colour, so it blends in beautifully with the rest of the garden.

The garden shed pub has been extended to include an outdoor seating area out front, complete with a shaded canopy. On the front wall of the log cabin is a pub sign in dedication of Wayne’s father, Al.

Adding Extra Room

Wayne says that the log cabin has completely changed the way in which the family use their garden. It has become another room to their house. He describes the log cabin as an amazing meeting place for all the family. It is a great space for them to sit listening to music and chilling out.

Take a tour of Wayne’s garden shed pub below.



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