26 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

James’ Cosy Garden Snug

James Cosy Garden Snug

James needed to extend his family’s living space, and knew he wanted a log cabin, although had very little room in the garden for one. Our Avon 3m x 2m Log Cabin was the perfect solution to create his garden snug.


Cosy Garden Snug - Dunster House Avon 2.5m x 2.5m Log Cabin Summerhouse


Buying a Log Cabin

James, who lives with his wife, three teenage children and a 10 year old, wanted to expand the usable living space in their home. As the children are growing up, he felt they would benefit from having additional room.

A regular watcher of garden makeover programmes on television, he always liked the idea of having a log cabin. However, he always thought their garden wouldn’t be big enough. And after a visit to the Dunster House website, they found the Avon. It was the right dimensions to fit snugly into a spare part of the garden that was currently unused. After speaking to the helpful sales team, who answered all his questions and offered him advice, James was confident in making his purchase.

Creating a Garden Snug

According to James, building the log cabin was “good fun”. He received help from a friend who had previously built a Dunster House garden building. The children also got involved too. It was quick and easy to do, with the bare bones of the log cabin up in an afternoon. It then took another day to finish building the garden snug and paint it with wood preservative.

The log cabin offered a blank canvas for them to decorate and design to their needs, and paint in the colours they liked. Painted on both the inside and outside, James is delighted with the outcome. It has turned into something far better than they could have ever imagined.

The log cabin is landscaped into the garden with raised beds, so it fits in beautifully with the rest of the outdoor space and doesn’t take over. It has become a really usable space that works well in the garden.

The family use this versatile space mainly as a chill out area, with a comfy sofa and bench so there’s plenty of seating for everyone. There are blinds on the windows for privacy and insulation, and further personalisation with pictures on the walls. But one of the things that James loves most is all the smart technology features he has added to his garden snug. It has full Wi-Fi access, smart speakers, a smart TV, and voice-controlled lighting and heating.

As well as a lounge area, the log cabin works really well as a garden office, providing extra work space when needed. The addition of a pop-up desk is ideal for placing his laptop on when working from home. It makes the ideal secluded office space for online meetings and private calls with no interruptions.


Cosy Garden Snug - Log Cabin Lounge Summerhouse


Adding Value

The log cabin garden snug has been a great addition to the home and added value to the family. It has benefited the garden by making it a more versatile and usable space all year round. James has installed a heater, so the family can enjoy the space even during the colder winter months. Instead of just looking out at the garden from a window inside the house, they can go outdoors and sit in a warm environment in their log cabin summerhouse. Also, during the summer it’s nice to sit outside the front of the garden room or with the wide doors open.

The garden snug is at the centre of James’ plans for gathering with friends and family. Rather than sitting inside the lounge in the house, he can’t wait to sit outside in the log cabin on warm evenings. There he can enjoy drinks and spend chillout time, sharing the experience with everyone. He is looking forward to many years of use ahead in their log cabin lounge.

It just goes to prove that no matter how small your outdoor space, you can still have room for a garden snug. Take a look at our wide range of Log Cabins to find the right size to suit your garden and needs.

View the video to see how James created his cosy garden snug to enjoy with his family and friends.