27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Installation you can do it too!

Installation you can do it too!

Think of yourself as a bit of a DIY expert?  Well, how’s this for an installation project?

We design all our products with self-assembly in mind, although we realise that this can still be quite an intimidating task. Therefore, we provide easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and supply all the necessary assembly fixings. Our YouTube Channel also has some really handy installation videos. What’s more, our helpful Customer Service team are on hand for any queries you may have along the way. Imagine the sense of satisfaction you’d feel by looking out into your garden, from your beautiful log cabin, knowing that you did it all by yourself. What a great sense of achievement that would be!

Chris took on the challenge, and with the help of a friend, built his Severn W5m x D4m insulated log cabin without encountering any problems.

Chris was thrilled with the results:

“We went for the self install option, as my friend is a joiner, however, this was not a necessity as the cabin itself was a doddle to install. The interlocking logs were a dream to work with, and a credit to the design of the products. I have since made the cabin into a bar. I successfully held an opening party last weekend where it comfortably had 20 people in. The quality of the product is superb, and a few of my friends have now had ideas put into their head. All that’s left is to test if the treated wood stands up to the ten year guarantee, which I’ll report back in about 9 years 11 months…”

Log Cabin from Dunster House as a Man Cave Pub Shed Bar

Log Cabin from Dunster House

We think you’ll all agree that he has done an outstanding job. He now has the perfect party log cabin!

Another superb review we recently received was from Paul. He assembled his Rhine W4m x D3m cabin all by himself, with ease.

This is what Paul said about the project:

“Very pleased with the excellent cabin.  I found construction straightforward and completed the whole task alone”.

Installation Log Cabin from Dunster House

Log Cabin from Dunster House Rhine Log Cabin Exterior

Paul adds:

“Very thorough instructions & trouble shooting advice which if you proceed steadily & identify parts before diving in is frankly idiot proof.

I did snap the end off one log above notch, working near top of cabin rear. This could of easily been glued but thankfully you get a spare supplied so an easy swap.

Dunster House as a company have excellent customer services & helpful sales team”.

Log Cabin from Dunster House

You should be very proud Paul, what an amazing job!

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