26 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Tony’s Insulated Summer House Log Cabin

Tonys Insulated Summer House Log Cabin

Tony’s log cabin started out life as a space for his wife to run her reflexology business, but the garden room has since turned into a cosy insulated summer house for all the family to enjoy.

Insulated Summer House - Dunster House Severn 5m x 3m Log Cabin

Choosing the ideal Log Cabin

After searching around for a log cabin, Tony chose the Severn 5m x 3m. He liked the look and layout of it, and the design suited the needs of its intended use. Having a useable building all year round was important, so he decided to opt for additional wall, floor and roof insulation. The insulation helps to maintain the temperature inside. This means the fully insulated summer house stays warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

The first thing Tony did when embarking on his new garden project was to lay down a concrete base. This provided a level surface to build on. He got help with the log cabin construction from a professional tradesman, who also installed a kitchenette inside. The log cabin is finished off with attractive shingle roof tiles for protection from the elements. It is painted both inside and out to add colour.

From Work Space to Summer House

The original plan for the log cabin was for Tony’s wife, a trained reflexologist, to use it as a holistic therapy room for her business. This enabled her to comfortably work from home in a dedicated space away from the house. The garden room fulfilled this purpose for about a year, before circumstances changed and Tony’s wife pursued another job.

The space was soon turned into a cosy summer house, complete with a comfortable sofa. There is a real homely feel inside with its luxurious interior fittings. Tony says this garden room was “an absolute godsend” during lockdown. It provided family members with somewhere to escape to when they needed a break from each other. With a full household at home all day every day, the log cabin became a private little sanctuary for peace and quiet.

Log Cabin Insulated summer House Interior

Having a log cabin in the garden has enabled the family to use their outdoor space more. They now have a sheltered place to enjoy whatever the weather. The main use is as a chill out room, where the family can go to relax, listen to music, or read a book. It is a nice cosy space to just take some time out. Tony’s daughters also occasionally make use of the multi-functional recreational room as an arts and crafts studio.

Long lasting happiness

After three years, the log cabin is still standing strong and in great condition. Tony couldn’t be happier with it. He is proud of his garden building and takes good care of it, ensuring to complete any necessary seasonal maintenance. Tony looks forward to many more happy years of enjoyment in his garden summer house.

View the video to take a tour of Tony’s beautiful garden and see his insulated summer house log cabin.

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