26 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Paralympic Athlete Lauren Steadman’s “PAIN CAVE” Log Cabin!

Paralympic Athlete Lauren Steadmans PAIN CAVE Log Cabin

Dunster House Cabins are purchased for various uses, from home offices, gyms, beauty rooms or simply chill-out spaces. The possibilities are endless. But you may be surprised to hear that Paralympic Athlete, Lauren Steadman MBE, will be using her Terminator log cabin 2.5m x 2m as part of her daily training regime.

Dunster House 2.5m x 2m Terminator Log Cabin Pain Cave

Lauren Steadman is the current Paralympic Triathlon Champion and recent Nordic cross-country skier. Having participated in four Paralympic Games in Beijing, London, Rio and Tokyo where she was awarded the gold medal.

Creating a “Pain Cave”

Training up to 28hrs per week, Lauren needed a space where she could focus on her ambition of another Gold medal in the next Paralympic Games.  Away from distraction and importantly cutting out valuable time travelling to training destinations. So that she can maximise her time and focus on what’s important – her training. Lauren plans to use the log cabin for a couple of hours a day, and has appropriately named it her “Pain Cave”.

Why a “Pain Cave”? I hear you ask. During her training sessions Lauren plans to push herself to the limits. Pushing herself outside of her comfort zone to increase her fitness and stamina as she prepares for the next Paralympic Games.

Paralympic Athlete Lauren Steadman's Log Cabin GymLog Cabin Garden Gym - Lauren Steadman's Pain Cave

Choosing the Right Log Cabin

Lauren picked Dunster House because of our wide range of products to choose from. As well as the quality of our products and, the sheer number of positive reviews. In addition, she felt at ease with the professionalism of Dunster House from the moment she first spoke with the team.

Naturally, we were more than happy to supply Lauren with our Terminator 2.5m x 2m. A small but perfectly formed cabin which was perfect for Lauren since she has limited outdoor space living in a city location.

“The quality is good, the reviews are fantastic and we were both super enthusiastic about the collaboration, I now feel as though they are part of my journey towards Paris 2024”

We really think that Lauren’s Terminator Log Cabin makes perfect use of the corner of the garden. Painted in beautiful Hadspen Blue paint, it sits perfectly amongst its surroundings.

To see Lauren in action, check out our Dunster House TV video on YouTube.

For more information about Lauren Steadman you can follow her on Instagram @laurensteadmann.

For updates relating to the Paralympic Games you can visit the official website for Paralympic Games 2024.

Paralympic Athlete Lauren Steadman Pain Cave Log Cabin Garden Gym