27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Gavin’s Log Cabin Lounge

Gavins Log Cabin Lounge

Gavin works long hours and wanted somewhere he could relax and unwind. So he built himself a log cabin lounge in the garden where he could escape to during any weather.


The Importance of a Relaxing Garden

Gavin, who lives with his wife and one year old son, has been at the property for five years. When they first moved to the house, the garden was a mess. It needed a lot of work to get it how they wanted. He is a keen gardener who takes a lot of pride in his outdoor space. Furthermore, the family have always spent a lot of time out in the garden. Now they can enjoy being outside even more as the log cabin has provided them with another living area.

As an air traffic controller Gavin has a demanding job. This is why the garden is such an important place to him for relaxation time. All around the garden they have created little areas where they can go to relax. They decided to include a log cabin lounge, so they had a space outside they could use during all weathers. It provides a sheltered place to remain dry when it is raining and also gives shade from the sun.

Creating a Log Cabin Lounge

Gavin chose to install a log cabin because he wanted a garden building that would look beautiful and last a long time. The 4m x 3m Terminator was the ideal solution as it is the exact size to fit the allocated space in the garden. With its 45mm thick walls and double glazing, Gavin knew he had a high quality building that would do the job perfectly. It took him 4 days to build, and a further 3 days to paint both the inside and outside in several coats of preservative. He opted for a light shade of blue on the outside, accented with white doors and windows, and a neutral coloured interior.

Guttering is fitted to the log cabin, which is attached to a water butt to collect rainwater that runs off the pent roof. The exterior is finished with an outdoor light, and electricity cables run into the log cabin lounge to provide power. Inside sits a TV, corner sofa, bookcase, plenty of shelving for storage, and currently, the garden room is filled with toys.

The original plan was for the log cabin to become Gavin’s man cave. But it is slowly being taken over by his son, who came along last year. Gavin now has visions of this space turning into somewhere for the two of them to spend time together. A space to chill out, relax and play. And in the future, it can become a lounge area where his son can hang out with friends.


Log Cabin Lounge Sofa Seating Area

Log Cabin Lounge - TV and Play Room


A Worthy Investment

One of the things Gavin enjoys most about his log cabin lounge is being able to move inside it on a summer’s evening when the sun goes down and the air becomes chilly. His log cabin is nice and warm as it has been soaking up the sun all day and remains at a comfortable temperature. Here he can relax and watch TV, or put on a film and drink a beer.

Gavin says that the log cabin is “worth every penny” that they paid, making it a great investment. He loves his log cabin lounge, thinks it looks fantastic and that it really adds to the garden. The neighbours, family, and friends all approve of the garden building too. They enjoy spending time in it when they come to visit.

Follow Gavin in the video below as he takes you on a tour of his garden and log cabin lounge.



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