26 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Log Cabin Studio Room – Pro Exposure Photography

Allen's Garden Photography Studio

COVID- 19 hit many small businesses over the country, resulting in them closing down their office space, shop or headquarters. One of the companies affected was Pro Exposure Photography. They struggled throughout lockdown as the studio space they would use closed down. This limited the services they were able to offer and provide. Find out how the business overcame the problem by building a log cabin studio room.

Working from home is now the new norm. However, Pro Exposure Photography was unable to produce high-quality work from their lounge. Having always worked from local studios within Leighton Buzzard, Allen (the owner) had to look at other available options to create a dedicated studio area. Allen considered extending his home or renting out space to use as a studio. But decided against it as it wasn’t the right time to.

The garden is a space within the house that we all underestimate, but Allen saw the potential. He had a good size garden and thought he could utilise the space at the bottom with a log cabin. And following days of research, Allen and his wife chose the Terminator Log Cabin W4m x D3m.

What Allen had to say…

“The whole experience from order to the finished build was great. The sales team was fantastic and customer services were good when it came to correcting and delivering an item that was short shipped on the delivery of the Terminator Log cabin. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and the added backup of the online videos showing you how to overcome any issues you may have was fantastic. 

The cabin has been such an asset to my business since it was built and has given me a huge amount of flexibility for both family life and business. I have been able to use the cabin for so many aspects of my photography and not only just photographing products and people inside it. I have a great looking space now to be able to meet clients in person and to show them my work while discussing their projects as well as an office space to deal with administration etc. I have been getting some amazing comments too from clients as the cabin has added a very personal touch to my business which they have liked.” 

Inside the Log Cabin Studio Room

The log cabin studio room features everything Allen needs for his photography business. Even with a slightly smaller space than usual, he made it work all within 4m x 3m. Allen is now able to offer fashion, headshots, and maternity photography from his cabin studio, as lockdown is easing.

The inside is as spacious as possible, to give the flexibility to manoeuvre equipment, screens, and lighting around.


log cabin studio room empty Log cabin studio room inside pro exposure photography

Customer supplied image. We recommend consulting with suppliers of externally purchased products to ensure suitability before adding a modification to a DH garden building.

As you can see, log cabins offer additional space for a variety of things. Small businesses have had to take a drop in business especially with certain facilities being unable. But now you can extend your home without major building works. So you can continue to drive your business to success, as Pro Exposure Photography has with a Log Cabin Studio Room.

To learn more about Pro Exposure Photography’s story and log cabin build check out Allen’s blog post. Dunster House Log Cabin Studio Build


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